Mimik attack patterns - how to avoid last wave


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hey guys,
i had an arcadegame a few days ago where mimik forgot to spit out its last wave. the one with the Tai Ming enemies, especially the Echo of Madness. anyone of u recognized how not to trigger it?! like against GUN-D4M, if u make enough dmg to the fists it skips the rockets?!
i tried the making much dmg-thing in arena-mode with gold-cast of FT. its possible to destory mimik with only one cast before the slime-wave, equals ~1/3 hp. but last wave happened anyway...anyone an idea?!


Depending on whether or not you're using normal mode or hard mode, you have to take it to a certain amount of health before bursting it depending on your skill. Make sure you're using Reaper's Blade and have max ep before you attempt it.I have an example on my channel using chain lightning if you'd like to see how I do it:


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mh, okay.. looks like it has to be very fast :D... but the skillchanging seems kind of expensiv for a regular playo_O i give it a try
*edit* just works fine with my std-build :D FT only worked well....just spelling it before red slime spawnt ;D
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