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Discussion in 'Translation Tools' started by Tocbac, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Tocbac

    Tocbac Green Slime

    1. Hello, I am from vietnam and I would love to play this game, but do I want someone to help me translate this game into vietnamese language?
      thank you
  2. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    What kind of help? Do you need explanation of english phrases, or an explanation of the tool, or other Vietnamese people? Or something completely different?
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  3. Tocbac

    Tocbac Green Slime

    Thanks for your answer, but i do not know what to say, i just need someone to help me find the language file in the game directory so that i can edit it in vietnamese!
    Sorry, my english is bad :(
  4. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    To translate the game you need to have it on Steam.
    If you have bought it on Steam then you can download the tool to translate the game.
    Tools1.png Tools2.png

    The translation file has to be translated with the tool.
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  5. Tocbac

    Tocbac Green Slime

    Yes, thank you very much!
  6. Xinwahky

    Xinwahky Green Slime

    still need help?
    (còn cần giúp không bro...) '-'

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