New Arcade Meta: Through The Fire And Flames



Having obtained my fairy pet, I can now share my build.

Skill Build Order:

Silver Flamethrower. All further gold points into Flamethrower.
Silver Frosty Friend.
Silver Protect.

Talent Build Order:

+Critical chance.
+Critical damage.

Equipment Reccomendations:

The Green Robe is surprisingly better than the robe that gives MATK or EP Regen, given that it drastically reduces the charge time of the skill at the expense of damage. It's worth it, the less time you remain stationary, the better.

Blindfold or Spectacles are equally viable. +5 Crit is probably on par with +15 MATK. If you get neither Blindfold or Spectacles by Floor 4, you may want to restart. Especially do it if you get no Magic Ring.


The first few levels may be difficult, you're a stationary flamethrower. Shield cancelling your flamethrower may be necessary to get yourself out of some sticky situations.

When you load into rooms at Silver charge, hold down the Flamethrower to immediately charge it so you can sweep the room behind your Frosty Friend. Your Frosty Friend will draw aggro and soak damage for you.

The Frosty Friend has many uses. He will rush ahead to draw all enemy attacks, he takes damage so you don't have to and he helpfully eats up most of your EP so that Manaburn can trigger more easily. Always use him at his highest charge level to ensure he eats as much EP as possible. Don't forget to trigger his Rage Mode with Skill Button + right.

The overall theme of this build is to burst down bosses before they get too many chances to harm you. The longer a boss battle goes on, the more chances you will get hit by random junk. Winter is the worst example of this.

Feel free to pause the game during Gundam's barrage or whenever Winter feels like being a prat hiding in his blizzards, spewing spikes or fists everywhere, switch to a full DEF build. You're going to take a hit, might as well make sure it's not one that will instantly ruin your run. To this end, don't sell your +DEF accessories or highest +DEF gear past Floor 10 or so.

Good luck.


Question: How best to fight smashie and bashie with flamethrower?? I got bodied by them earlier (on my otherwise best run yet - yay pecko hat!)


Green Slime
Run in circles, count smashis smashs and change from big to smaller circles, wait for the red marks, perfectguard bashi. smashi will follow you arround, so u'll deal him dmg while attacking bashi. Equip max. Matk.

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Is there a video example? <3

I struggle with this fight even when playing 1H build. It's very difficult imo and I rarely get the perfect guard.


If your having trouble perfect guarding him there is still time after a regular block to begin casting. Just keep your back to the wall right after he does the snowball throw markers and keep block up.


Is there a video example? <3

I struggle with this fight even when playing 1H build. It's very difficult imo and I rarely get the perfect guard.

It is probably the hardest boss fight in SoG right now. Even winter is lame compared to Smashie & Bashie. Though both are buffed, so Winter may be more difficult with a buffed version. Of all the boss fights, S&B requires dexterity and knowing how to time shield and spells. Get it wrong and it's guaranteed hp damage.

I just take the damage. Can't be bothered to figure out the tricks behind the bosses.


So smashie and bashie are rather simple. At the start of the fight they start at regular power. Smashie will do 2 jumps and a 3rd that will send an attack 4 directions. It can't jump that far so just be weary of where it is and you won't typically get hit by it but this gets off sync of what bashie's rotation will be.

Bashie will come at you for a bit normal than regular at the start of the fight meaning you can get some good damage on it. If you do a mage build FF can distract smashie at the start of the fight for a bit until bashie goes into second attack where it will fire a lot of snowballs at you, make sure smashie isn't going to jump on you or do his 3rd attack on you. After bashie is done with the snowballs he will pause and throw a lot of big snow balls at once that are ground targeting, you can just shield toward bashie. The showballs will miss you and you will block its charge. You will be free then to flamethrower right after the dash. Tricky thing about this guy is he attacks fast, faster than it takes to cast flamethrower, but he will get stunned with anything. So what you want to do is move away, because smashie will probably be near you then turn on bashie and attack him once(2 will break the stun and allow you to get him by it before flamethrower is cast) which will stun it allowing you to cast flamethrower on him. After he will jump to the center for more snowballs and repeat. Keep in mind smashie for the first part of the fight and only attack when safe and keep in mind that their rotations are off and bashie should go down quick. Don't kill smashie first, bashie powered up is worse and smashie powered up is simple.

So bashie is now dead and smashie is powered up. It will now do three jumps before having a powered up 4th jump. You will flamethrower right after the 3rd jump where there is more time to attack. To avoid the 8 direction 4th attack you can simply hold 2 directions so you are going diagonally and then let on go after a bit and you will be in one of the safe zones for that attack. Smashie is rather simple so you don't even have to go that far to avoid it and can just go left and right between attacks.

Edit: You can even break this fight, though it is a bug. It's kinda funny.
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I just did it in story mode to make sure that it worked and it still does, poor bossling will never be fixed.

I've never done it in arcade runs though(on purpose), feels kinda wrong.


Thanks. I'll have to give it a more serious effort, I guess.

So far I've beaten the team several times but I always take like.. 400+ dmg which is atrocious. I've only seen them maybe twice with the mage build, though, and need to master this if I want to get the snow hat