New trophies?



Since we're late enough in the game for trophies to start mattering again, these are some I would like to see. If trophies are being kept as something more than "congrats on beating chapter 1 / 2/ 3, which is mandatory to progress" like they are in more games.


1) Perfect guard # different, unique enemies.
2) Perfect guard # different, unique elite enemies.
3) Gold star (individual area) on the map. One achievement for each area.
4) Create a four-room house. (Shows people they can make a house as big as they want, pretty much.)
5) Kill 50 enemies on a single screen without leaving. (Teaches respawn mechanics.)
6) Pet the Dog. (Talked to Mana or Mama Guard's dogs.)
7) Pet the Cat. (Talked to any Port Monnaie cats.)


1) Beat floor 2 with each type of curse activated at least once.
2) Beat floor 2 with each type of treat activated at least once.
3) Cast skill at gold charge, without ever refunding any skillpoints during that run. One achievement for each skill.