[READ ME] How to submit Out Of Bounds bugs, Spelling Mistakes, Small Visual Errors and Other Bugs!


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To make it easier for us to understand and deal with bugs and bug reports, we'd appreciate it if you could follow these guidelines:

Some bugs are very similar to eachother so we've made three different threads where we gather bugs of the same type. We would appreciate if you could post bugs in one of these big threads if the bug fits the description of any of these three threads. The three threads are:

Out Of Bounds (going through walls and other things to reach places you shouldn't):

Minor Visual Bugs (small visual details in the terrain, in the menus or on characters that don't seem quite right)

Spelling/Text Mistakes (anything we've spelled wrong or if a sentence is worded in a weird way):

1. Use these tags: [Crash], [Gameplay], [Visual] or [Text]
Tags should be put in front of the title of your thread to make it easier for us to see what type of bug it is:
[Crash] is for bugs that crash your game!
[Gameplay] is for bugs that affect how you play the game: things that don't work as intended should use this tag. Examples: 1, 2, 3.
[Visual] is for bugs that affect graphics in any way. Examples: 1, 2, 3.
[Text] Typos, grammar errors, conflicting references - anything related to the dialogues and descriptions of the game should use this tag!

2. One thread per bug!
If you found multiple bugs, please make a thread for each of them so we can focus any questions and discussion on one topic.

3. Search the forum
Make sure nobody has reported the bug already! You can use the search function on the top right of the page to look for keywords that describe what happens during the bug. If you have additional information on a bug that's already been reported, please make a post in the existing thread. We'll merge threads concerning the same bug.

4. Helping us understand the bug
The first step to making sure we understand your bug is to pick a descriptive title! A short description of the bug makes a great title. Examples: "[Gameplay]Frosty Friend won't revive", "[Crash]Fishing crashes the game", "[Visual]5 billion apples float in the Flying Fortress lobby".

The second thing we'd like to know is if you're using the Stable Beta or Frontline Beta.

When writing your post, it's good to know that screenshots help us a lot! If you can include a screenshot of what happens, that's really awesome. Videos help a great deal too! There's also some questions to consider: Is there a pattern to the bug? Can you recreate it easily, or does it seem to be random? Does it happen in more than one area of the game, or just this place?

Thank you for following these steps and helping us stay organized!
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Since the Stable and Frontline versions of the beta are separated now, I have updated the guide with a request that you all write which of them you're using when submitting a bug!
@Vilya Just one question on this. If we don't know if the "bug" was actually a bug, intended feature, not implemented yet, etc. do we still post it in the Bug Reports section of the forums?


If we don't know if the "bug" was actually a bug, intended feature, not implemented yet, etc. do we still post it in the Bug Reports section of the forums?

I'd say better to post a false bug, than not post a proper bug.

After all, we beta testers are the quickest way for the developers to find bugs.


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If you believe it's a bug, go ahead and post it in Bug Reports! If it turns out it isn't we'll move it/rename it/whatever once we find out :)