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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Enoen, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Enoen

    Enoen Rabby

    After looking at Vilya's new post it got me thinking about finally making this post since her representation of some skills could be the changes I want implemented to magic currently because as of now it's not very "fun" or "useful" to be a magician other than to use flamethrower/chain lightning/ice nova.

    Meteor: Being able to mark multiple spots (Three) as meteors land one after another just as immediately as you mark them as to make it easier to hit targets.

    Earth Spike: I like this ability because it's fast but I just imagined it also being a static barrier for a few hits after it rises would make it more practical for consecutive casts to make up for it's mediocre damage and cost.

    I'll add the rest of the ideas as they come but one thing I wondered is what's the point in making a talent for melee that speeds up the charge of the spells if they are already too expensive to cast? Like a lvl 3 charge heroic slam into a fireball and you're all spent and you didn't really accomplish anything. Feel free to explain if you've been successful with your magic builds or better yet hybrid builds and otherwise voice your opinion on whether we should have some kind of EP discount talent for easier use between melee and magic just like how Magic has it for melee.
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    I've always wanted to see Meteor as unleashing a barrage of huge meteors into a single area. As stands it's just Earthspike but with a delay that makes it harder to connect. I don't think it would be unbalanced.
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  3. Enoen

    Enoen Rabby

    I agree. Besides it would be a lil more fun to use and would explain the EP cost. Cause honestly it's not even that strong and I've tried going all Magic Atk to see if it'll do more than well...Any gold skill melee ability.

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