Some misc texts are not marked as untranslated when the English text changed


I'm translating version 0.870d and I notice that in the dialogues, everyone on the ghost ship says that they are going to the "party" instead of going to the "ball". From what I remember, the quest is called "The Spectral Ball" instead of "The Spectral Party" so I went back to the misc texts and found that the quest name has changed without marked as untranslated.

It is the same for the related misc texts of this quest such as "TheSpectralBallObjectiveXShort" changes from "Find ghosts for the ball" to "Find ghosts for the party". Is it a bug or is it that I have a bad memory?

P.S. In "TheSpectralBallSummary" the text isn't changed. It still says that "...for her ball" instead of "...for her party".


Good catch, I hadn't noticed that! It was changed to "party" but probably not corrected everywhere and should be "party" including "TheSpectralBallSummary". I fixed it in my translation, thanks!


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To mark it for change I have to press a button that will alert people! I made it like this so I can go back and fix typos and such without confusing you guys with a bunch of fake changes.

In this case, I didn't press the button because I imagined the decision to change it from "ball" to "party" was so specific to the English language. In hindsight though I'm not sure why I made that assumption and I should've pressed it!