(Spoilers) Give an Indicator to Frosty Foe's Ice Spikes

Talking about Frosty Foe in the final battle with Zhamla. He has an attack where he burrows underground and summons rows of spikes in 6 directions. The majority of ice spike attacks have directional indicators showing where they will be launched, except this attack. And as someone who recreationally fights Zhamla practically every day I'm free to do so, this is probably the attack where I need those indicators the most, because there are literally 4 other things I need to keep an eye on at the same time (insects, blizzards, cloud, and plant). Plus, unlike Zhamla who is polite enough to consistently do this attack in the middle of the arena, this fat bastard never has the courtesy to burrow while away from me, it's always in melee range, where I have absolute minimal maneuvering space. For now I just had to make peace with the fact that my shield will be broken every time he burrows.