Steam Usernames and Steam Group


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Any chance of sticky-ing this thread? Its going to disappear off the front page soon!
I have moved the thread to another forum (Co-Op & Matchmaking), it's just the redirect here that's left in General Discussion. This forum has very few threads so far so there's no risk of it leaving the front page anytime soon :D


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Just making my way through the story. Would be fun to play with some other folks. illu45 is my steam name.


Steam ID : Auro

I'm pretty bored. Up for pretty much anything (Except Story Mode, Ill stop right before Sky Temple. Waiting on Wife to do that)


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Hi, I'm FlyingScrew and don't have an avatar on steam either. Looking forward to playing with some people and learning how to actual do this xD


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add me on steam, nick elferin (should have anime dante's profile pic)

i'd like to play arcade mode in multiplayer