Steam Usernames and Steam Group


Green Slime
Steam account: jaikei - (Picture is a guy with a blue and red plaid shirt on)
Current steam alias: Jinks
I've already added like 13 of you from here, I'm always up to play arcade.
I work a lot through the day and I try to keep my steam on away when I'm there, so anytime I'm online or in game feel free to message me.
SteamName: djbyte1
I'm lvl 18 and can help to grind in story mode but i wanna coop with some of you in arcade to rock through :) but i cant open a multiplayer game :(.
I'm german and in Steam CookieMonsta and my profile pic is an hollow from the anime bleach :).
See ya Ingame
Happy Grinding :)


Green Slime
[Steam ID]: TristanM893
[NickName]: StoneMan
Up for some Story Mode Grinding, Co-op Arcade.
Would LOVE a 4-way Grindea Sesh!!!


Green Slime
Click the "Group Chat" link near the top right of the page. This will make hosting/finding multiplayer games a lot easier.

I will be looking for multiplayer games today if anyone's interested

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