[SUGGESTION]: Make card collection account-wide


Green Slime
Dear developers

Thanks for making such a great game, I truly enjoy it. But while the "grind" is an important part of the game, I feel that once you play the game once the replay value is not very high. One of the reason for that is the card collection system wich is very "grindy". So I feel like if you find a card, it should unlock it forever even for other games played in that account, because collecting them all over again is way too much of a grind for most people. Of course an option to start a game without them should be an option.

I hope I was able to make myself understand because english is not my first languague, so sorry if there is any mistake.

Thank You!


Green Slime
I can't agree. You don't grind that hard in this game. Cards have the "fair randomness system" (the probability to drop them, increases with every mob killed). Also game has high replay value. If it's not for a story, you can replay game for trying out hard mode, or just different build. OR just trying to beat the game without grinding? I know cards will be needed for "true ending", but it's like only really small fragment of the game. You don't need to grind them every time.
Also, once you master story mode, there's non grindy arcade mode, where you can try your skills.