The Big MINOR VISUAL Bug Collection Thread


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Blinking behind people!
There's a load of people in the game you can blink behind that you normally couldn't walk behind. Here's the ones I've found. Note none of these actually let you skip parts of the game, they just appear that way.
Ok, there's a bunch more, but I'm pretty sure you get the point by now.


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Selling all items on a specific screen at a merchant doesn't scroll the page up. I know this is not really a visual bug, but minor enough that I don't think it warrants a new post


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Eyoo, first post here, but would like to post a couple of weird occurrences while I was farming the Tai Ming cards:
Sorry that the image is all mushed together, my screen resolution doesn't allow regular fullscreen.
Also, yes, my health is massive, because I made myself level 9999... I'm sorry, I've been farming these cards for 3 days now and I wanted to at least kill things quickly. I got to 29 legit however.
Anyways, I killed an elite Echo of Madness Just as it appeared when it was going to attack, and one of the after-images just... went away. It just kept going up. You can see it just next to the entrance of the building. It dissapeared up into the nether.
You can also see just next to the broken statue a floating sword... just, alone. That was because I killed a regular Echo of Madness immediately after spawning, and apparently the sword refused to drop. I was dead confused the first time, I thought the sword was a pickup.

As for me farming the cards... got the statue and worm after like 10 minutes, the Echo after 1 hour... but the plants and the apes... *'nam flashbacks*


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I've come across some minor inconvenience with fullscreen. I'm rather sure that this is a known issue, since upscaling instead of diverse resolution images seem to be the choice for this game. I tried the search, but for the life of me I couldn't find the problem described...

I'm using a 16:10 resolution (1920x1200) - I reckon the game just upscales to display height and assumes a 16:9 ratio which results, for me, in a resolution of 2133x1200.

- Changing my ratio to 16:9 is out of question, it's just ugly on a 16:10 display.
- Using windowed mode is acceptable, for the time being, but I heavily dislike having to see my desktop while playing. Also I tend to accidentally drag the game window around... which annoys me to no end.
- Letting it be as it - I don't think that needs to be commented.

I cannot give a screenshot. Steam just uses the gameoutput, which results in a working screenshot. Trying the old fashioned way (print, paint, crtl+v) results in a grey picture without content. I'd rather not install any third-party software to get one though.

Best regards


The Mimic Bossfight, sometimes it seems on clientside the Mimic image is not properly synced to the host.
For me the Mimic was partly on the uppere Edge of the room, while i could clearly see that for the host, the mimic was moving trough the room. After some seconds it was fine again.

I will try to reproduce this sometime.


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I have a not really bug but something thats not right.
When i use the new barrier skill that aborbs damage at the and of an arena challange it said ive taken that damage.
Maybe you want to fix it or leave it that way.


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The GUI for the experience bar is misleading. The filigree on the left side will cover a portion of the bar, to the point that, shortly after leveling, it looks as though you aren't gaining experience at all for perhaps the first 5% of your new level. It also terminates early, and you will level a bit before the bar reaches the end.

Aegis of Ages

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Couldn't get a good picture but sometimes cloud buddy gets stuck "on" an enemy and begins to rapidly flip back and forth, giving him two faces. This sometimes continues even when the player starts moving. He sorts himself out after a few seconds (between 2 and 10) but until he does he lags behind a bit.

Aegis of Ages

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When you are far enough away your summons/pet will attempt to catch up with you. If you happen to make it over a cliff before they do your cloud buddy goes beneath your snow buddy and pet. Naniva has a similar behaviour. Since the two are flying I think they should stay on top of the other helpers.


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After fighting the current last boss available in the game, making a warp out and taking it displays the time rip effect used through Tai Ming elsewhere. I apologize for the lack of clarity in the screenshot, but OBS is being a pain.

Not sure how visible everything is, but I've beaten the boss and moved the lock block over it's specified spot. Not sure which of these events might enable or disable the issue. This also only occurs in this room, to my testing.


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there ya go goodluck!


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Ally Monster

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There seems to be a panel which the spirit slash circle is behind during the Gund4m fight. I'm on frontline and I replayed the battle.


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