Up for a game of... flashcards?


So the guy in Evergrind probably isn't going to get some elaborate card minigame to playthrough. Given just how much time that would add onto the endgame and the sheer amount of code and bugtesting that would involve.


Who says a game of cards has to involve traditional playing cards?


Towards the end of the game, Griddle offers to play flashcards with you. He holds up 9 cards and gives a name, it's up to you to quickly match with what's on the bottom. Each incorrect guess knocks off 5 seconds from your timer (or you get 3 incorrect guesses before it automatically ends?) and your goal is to get as many correct as you can before time is up.

There's plenty of difficulty levels/modes you could do with this.

1. Faces - Match the character portrait to the name below. Anything with a portrait is fair game - NPCs, bosses, artifacts, ghosts, etc.
2. Faces (hard) - Match the black silhouette of a character portrait to the name below. Maybe asking too much.
3. Location - Match the character portrait to the name below. (e.g: Which of the 9 characters are from Tai Ming, or Evergrind, South Evergrind, West Evergrind, Pillar Mountains, Startington,etc)
4. Sprite - Match the character sprite to the name below.
5. Monster - Match the monster loot to the monster name below.
6. Talents - Only if you're feeling particularly sadistic. Match the talent to the description below.
7. Random - All the above appearing in any random order.

I reckon there's at least 200 unique character portraits across the game, so there's at least enough for a game of flash cards featuring option #1, if nothing else.


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Wow, that screenshot is a blast from the past! :D

As you say, the original plan for poor Griddles is most likely out of the window. The dev-work vs. content ratio on your suggestion is pretty appetizing I must say... it might not be the most fun activity in the game but if nothing else it's really quite different!

Another place of use for the mechanic that's a bit more involving story-wise might be Penn Wryte wanting help with research for a book. So using variation #5 she asks maybe "What monster might drop this?" and you need to match a carrot with the Rabby, or the other way around "What might a Wisp drop?"


Oh, that's an interesting idea. She could give you a test of 10 questions and grade you on them at the end, without telling you which are right or wrong. Just how many you got right.

1. Which among these cannot be kept as a pet by anyone?
Slime, Rabby, Present, Wisp, Carrot, Jumpkin, Chicken, Boar, Bloomo. (You see Oak with a tamed boar during the festival. If you want to be sadistic, using a Gift instead of a Present to make it the wrong answer is also acceptable. :naniva:)
2. Which among these are not an enemy? [Shown only as sprites]
Elder Rabby, Red Slime, Caveling, Fire Shroom, Exploding Eyeball, Blue Slime, Purple Guardian Crystal, Toxic Tulip, Marino Shadow. (Gotta see difference between Caveling and Frostling colors!)
3. Which among these is not a fish native to these lands?
(8 normal fish, 1 made up one)
4. Who among these are not found in Evergrind City? [Shown only as portraits]
(8 Evergrind natives and a Tai Ming Guard)
5. What food is native only to Tai Ming?
Apple, Orange, Carrot, Onion, Lettuce, etc... Banana
6. Which monster is capable of speech?
(8 monsters and an Echo of Madness)
7. Which of these is not an artifact? [Shown only as sprites]
(Helmut, Shiidu, Amalet, Braazlet, Pao Zhi, Bag, Crown, Gaantlet and a ninth made up one)

And so on.