Version: 0.572b


Green Slime
How do i find out if I have the latest version?
I've V.Sed PhaseMan, GUN-D4M But not Marino, How do i do that?
I have cleared the temple, But can't hand-in the Amulet.
I can't feed my pets the Speed potion
& Just a random question is/Will there be A Restate?


Handsome Moderator
Then you have the stable release
you can switch to Frontline when you go to Steam and go on the games properties and then go to Beta and then change to Frontline


what is a restate?


Green Slime
Ugh.. I really wish the /shutup command had a counter or undo option. I accidentally typed it when that stupid bag mentioned it because I was in the middle of grinding and I kept missing out on conversation, thinking that it was going to stop the repeated messages.. And now she won't talk to me anymore. I feel really bad because I prefer Navina WAAAAY over that dumb bag that carries all my loot, and I wish I could tell HIM to shut up. I know all this was from 2014.. but.. please add that counter command.. or at least have an option to undo it somewhere instead of permanently shutting her up.