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I've been meaning to add a little quality of life buff to the dodging strike that makes it check for this situation (melee monster attacking from straight ahead), and if it finds that the enemy is too far away the player gets some bonus distance!

It is indeed an annoying and very non-thematic disadvantage to have your character perform a skillful dodge and then proceed to smite the air... :bag:

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What's even worse is that half the time they stand just too far away that you can't hit them with a perfect dodge

^ As I've said, no :p If half the hits don't hit and the strike doesn't hit as well, you may as well just perfect block instead. If they were as akin to yetis as orange presents are to slimes, I'd be over the moon.


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Interestingly enough, at least for me, it was not the "changing past affects future" mechanic that caused the brain fart. I was actually playing Lost Odyssey not so long ago, which basically had the same riddle involving a statue blocking a chest and two timelines. Here, I basically knew I had to change something in the past, but it was the how that I just didn't see. I was trying to find hidden entrances around those statues, was trying to whack them etc. I guess the difference between the two situations was that in Lost Odyssey the mechanic to push statues around was introduced in another dungeon before. Yes, it's the same as pushing blocks, but for some reason I was unable to make the connection. The fact that there is a path made me only think that it leads to a hidden entrance or something instead, which was entirely the wrong direction of thought. I would suggest to simply introduce pushing statues earlier by plainly making one block the way somewhere before - this way the misleading yellow path as "hint" won't be necessary anymore.
The guy said that the statues were made of an extremely light but hard material. That came out wrong. But, when you talk to him, you should get the idea that you should try pushing some of them around, even without the tracks


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So I noticed that stone enemies don't respawn if you never break them. So I lured them away and deactivated them, I already have theircard.

I thought, hey, what if madness enemies work the same? Let's corral!

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They don't work the same. Oh god. There's like a dozen of them there layered and they keep on coming.
a dozen echos is about 66000 hp.


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Bugs I've Noticed:
-Oni Mask appears as a flower garland
-Mana's hair is mismatched (between sprite and portrait)
-The "small mushroom" thing (pointed out before)
-The Receptionist (at the library/citizenship office) replayed her dialogue when I talked to her after reopening the game (not too much of an issue, but...)
-Teleportation. (shouldn't it be blocked in the past, given that, say, the flying fortress didn't even exist back then?)
No, because Zhamla Meer is the one the flying fortress is designed to hold off while the creators created the Gund4m(which was extremely weak, having less hp than a yeti). You have a good idea about who is going to be the one that is going to be the person the the priestess said that Sizou could not match with all his men, considering that Zhamla is perhaps the strongest fighter in the game, maybe even stronger than Charlotte and Luke, and you see that Zhamla starts training after he talks with his grandpa.(Ironic how Sizou probably killed himself and majorly screwed up his world Proof.png


Will say as of recent testing of /preload command, Tai Ming does not load quickly. This is with 2 fresh loads each starting off with a new game on Single Player using the command following up with a speedrun in both attempts. Just reporting it. :/


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guys wtf, when will it update? when will you finish the game? at least make 1 update for month.
i've been playing the arcade for 1 year to not play the story mode, and after i played the story mode i was amazed by it.
so effin finish it already please!!!!!!

pd: finish the PvP arena so i can own anyone who dares fight me. i bet my character can beat anyones


You do realize it's 3 Devs with lives working on a game, right? You can't rush perfection. I'd rather see a fleshed out game with no issues than a poorly optimized one. Don't be rude with the requests of "1 Update a Month". They're doing all they can.

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If you really want to fill your life with more Grindea, you can always look around on YouTube and Twitch for community content, the Dev Blog updates once a week with a summary from the whole team and Vilya runs her own work blog which she tends to update every day (since I last checked).


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i love this game, its incredible. but seriously: waiting 6 months just for the first part of taiming was not cool :/
at least mount bloom on arcade to have more fun but no, just 30 min of the first part of taiming.
when i finished taiming i really wanted to shoot the messenger :c


Oh my god, that pun... that punchline between two updates... only after having played part 2, it becomes clear. In part 1 of Tai Ming Sizou says "Thank you for defending our gates, young Guards...". He actually refers to the family name, as in "young Watsons" or "young Hamiltons". That's hilarious!

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The diminishing return part is correct! Currently, the DEF uses the classic "survivability" method of determining efficiency, with 140 as target value. What this means is that for every 140 DEF, your effective HP is increased with 100 %. So if you have 500 HP, at 140 DEF you take damage as if you have 1000 HP, and at 280 DEF you would have 1500 HP.

Sorry for bringing this up again, but having gotten stuck back into my spreadsheet I've noticed a few things.

I thought I'd actually set up a formula for this, such that for every 140 DEF you have, the amount of damage done by the Yeti's slam is halved. It should operate like so:

Min DMG = Base damage for attack * 0.5^(DEF / 140)

For the Yeti's slam:

Min DMG = 90 * 0.5^(DEF / 140)

because the Yeti's base damage for the slam is 90 (when you have 0 DEF, on Hard)

If we have 140 DEF, then the (DEF / 140) becomes 1, and 0.5^1 is just 0.5.
0.5 x 90 = 45
Which is how it should work.

Let's now put a trendline for that formula on this graph:

graff 1.png

Look at that small dotted line there. At a DEF of 140 we go through 45 on the graph. And it completely misses the plotted points.

I'll forgive, but I still can't find what the actual formula is. I've tried using DEF / 78 instead, which fits it a lot better:

graff 2.png

But then we still have that kink after 90 DEF.

Also, the problem I'm having with this line is that I can't get it to fit the other sets of results I've got. I'll go do some more fuckery with trendlines and try find it by trial and error. If @Teddy doesn't get back before, that is ;)

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Silver charge and above causes the sword to stay exactly in it's animation position when you strike it. If they've just done their swipe, this leaves a massive blue trail on the screen that does a very good job obscuring whats going on, let alone all the damage indicators, particle effects, shadow clones, flying statues and exploding spores.
BAM! Caught it while grinding. This isn't the worst it can get, mind: