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We're considering making a trinity of weapons that behave in the same way, but with different stats (but that's not set in stone yet)!
Oh, that's perfect! Hopefully the stones to set it in will get hauled over soon.

So now we're going to do that after all, since it's better all around to make the puzzle solution unavailable until the battle is actually over (people can appreciate the solution a bit more, no more getting taunted into solving it mid battle hoping for a special effect as res7less did, etc
I thought it was actually funny having to push a rune block midfight with all that chaos around you, only to discover that it does absolutely nothing - it was like one of those typical "you've gotta be kidding me" SoG moments :D That's why I set "fixing" in quotations, since I didn't consider it broken, but intended. Having something happen after the block reaches its destination is more intuitive, though as the player naturally expects something to happen, so I'm happy with either choices.

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He's behind the flames for me. If the flames are somewhat random this might be just an unfortunate coincidence.

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Having now had proper experience with the Mimic fight on Hard (both with my dodging strike build not picking up health orbs, and with my Plant Summon build) I have a few extra things to add.

Turns out, for a mage, the fight is pretty well balanced. Things do a lot of damage, and it shows. I guess the fact that lots of things jump on your during that fight makes dodging strike really worthwhile. As in, I'm actually struggling to manoeuvre through all the slime or fire without being slammed.

In the first stage, the perfect guard time for the bite is much earlier when compared with the Jumpkin, which is really putting me off. Still haven't quite got used to it yet, but it would be nice if the consistency was there across the Jumpkin, Shroomie and Mimic.

As for the second stage, it feels like there's just a tad too much fire around during the final barrage - mainly because, if you've just been chillied from the last wave, he instantly hits another chilli or two and half the room ends up being on fire. Maybe, when the counters land on the ground they should put out any nearby fires by smothering them?

I swear, that mimic rune block the final stage is the most dangerous enemy of the fight. Its stomps do damage around the 120 mark for me, and oh boy do they hurt. It doesn't help that occasionally you're a little too slimed in to get away from it quick enough as well, resulting in it getting a multi hit combo. I found a fantastic way to take care of it using Dodging strike - as it makes its sound to jump for it's slam ability, dodge backwards, then cancel out of the dodge with a perfect guard to the shockwave. Best thing is, it even works around the slime.

To remedy that problem... to be honest I'd rather be set on fire and have the opportunity to move than get slimed in and stomped on. Maybe I just need to pay more attention.

Anyway, I still haven't actually beaten the fight with either of the two builds I've been testing with, so still more to do :p


Still haven't quite got used to it yet, but it would be nice if the consistency was there across the Jumpkin, Shroomie and Mimic.

I'd personally much rather enemies all not be consistent, but have their own timings to learn. :p Stops them from feeling too similar.

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I understand as it's nice to have something fresh, but it really is a kick in the face to people who've learnt to perfect guard really well already. Plus, thematically, you're guarding at the point when it's jaws start to close, not when they actually close, and I think it's also out of sync with the chomp noise as well, which is pretty off putting. don't quote me on that second one.

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Static Touch cubes also seem to mysteriously go invisible during the fight transitions or something, similar to entering a phase barrel with them.

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If you push the block into the corner, it's difficult to get out, unless you push it down to the bottom of the room and wiggle it out of the rounded corner. I'm sure it's a little inconvenient, but probably solved by re-entering the room once the fight it over.


I did that too ~G but i put it inside the chest, because the block had no collision with the chest for some reason.