Version 0.730a


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Summary: All the various game improvements over the past few months is finally available on Stable!

Recommended level: N/A

Update Description

The following patches have been brought to Stable:

If you want to know more about something, click the patch name to see the relevant patch notes!

Utility Skills - Support players can be a bit more supportey, and solo players can vary their builds more!
Rebalance Patch - Overhauled every single skill in the game, reworked some, and introduced magic weapon projectiles
Talent/Bow Patch - Introduced 21 new talents and added upgrades and charging for the bow
Potion Patch - A potion rework involving recharging flasks and a ton of new potions

Next Up: We're onto our final stop before going back to working on the story full time: updating Arcade Mode!