[Visual][Gameplay] The BIG Out of Bounds & Clip Thread! Glitches


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Minor Spoilers:

In the room leading up to the Winter fight, with the spikes and the wind, you can get stuck in a corner due to the wind. It was on the left side, where the trees are less dense, towards the top. Sorry, wish I had a screenshot.


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I scouted through to make sure that no one's said it yet, but I found a bug in multiplayer!
My friend and I are both in frontline, for one. We're on the guardian's fight (with the hydras) and for some reason my internet isn't working so well. If I reconnect in the middle of my friend having started the fight, we get some... er... interesting results. I don't know if it's something to be reported here or elsewhere but it, I guess, would count as out of bounds? Since for a while I am out of bounds.

I was taking a lot of screenshots because I thought it was hilarious but that also makes for excellent documentation, right?
There are a few others I have. The fight starts me off in winter like I just entered the temple normally, and that lets me walk out onto the water. Usually the gates aren't up at first so if I want, I can OOB the gated off areas too. The music and sound effects try to keep up but after a while, it actually starts back over like I just started the fight myself. It's really weird.


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With two or more people you can activate all switches in the crossing room in the Temple of Seasons by standing on those tendrils and then turning on autumn or winter. Not sure if you even have to stand on the edge. None of my friends is on to make a video but we came upon this bug while playing through for the first time and just used it to activate all switches in that room.
Might've been fixed already, just felt like reporting it anyway to be safe.

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I believe that has been reported already :p

What's interesting is you don't need multiplayer to do it. Once you've completed the area inside that room, you can move the wall down with the switch. Then change season from Spring to any other season and walk all the way back around - it has the same effect.


It's actually not the player being out of bounds in this one:
Happened during rewinding and you could push it back up (but not to the left or right, forgot to try pushing it down :( )


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I found this glitch while grinding in the new Mount Bloom update. Please see for yourself :)

If you need more information, just ask.

Awesome game by the way! Keep it up!


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Pretty major bugs involved with the gold charge of Piercing Dash. The speed it generates will cause you to clip through many walls, I've ended way out of bounds twice Seasonne just from using it normally.

It can sequence break a lot of things as well.

useless walls.png

This room in the Temple of Seasons is one of the biggest ones I've found so far, you can fly right through the yellow brick walls you're supposed to hit the switch to lower.


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As I was playing arcade mode, on the 7th floor, I accepted a challenge from the Priest. He gave me my reward, but...

I couldn't reach it. (Version 0.650a)
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This bug has already been covered in this thread! I admit it's not a very descriptive title, but if you didn't, we would be grateful if you could do a search of the forums next time. A quick way to do so can be found in this thread :D

[Edit]: Seen as this is the third time the bug has been reported, would it be a good idea to change the title of the thread, and maybe add a few tags to it?

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Oh aight, apologies. I just assume everyone new doesn't check these days :( I see you've already deleted the post, but there's no harm in having duplicates around - if it's commonly reported it makes it more likely people will spot it :p It's really just to save people the effort of posting what's already been posted. Cleanliness is second on the list.


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if an autumn wizard throws you into the wall where my character is you go through onto the other side of the green weather change switch and you cant move, i didn't take a screenshot when it happened because i was in a server with my friend but i went back to make sure you guys knew of the bug! i think it also happens when a summer knight hits you while it is in elite mode.