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PLANE BREAKING / Season Hydra Skip
This is a major out of bounds glitch involving the gold tier of Piercing Dash. This allows you to SKIP the season hydra, clip through various obstacles, become untouchable, and get yourself permanently stuck on a quest in Mount Bloom. It all has to do with dashing from one plane, across stairs, onto another plane, and then into an obstacle. In some cases you can simply dash through certain obstacles with a gold tier dash.
I have dubbed this glitch Plane Breaking because it appears as if the game is confused as to which plane your character is on. While in this state, objects will either appear beneath or on top of you based on which plane the game thinks you are on. Also, enemies cannot hit you and you cannot hit them. Stepping on any stair tile resets the glitch and returns you to normal.
In the video, the next to last clip shows how you can skip to the end section of the Temple of Seasons dungeon without having to progress through the dungeon, thus skipping the Season Hydra boss. The last clip shows how you can clip straight through Steve and obtain the final item for the caveling before that point in the quest. However, if you obtain the final caveling item before the quest tells you to fetch it, you will be permanently stuck on the quest.
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There seems to be some bug in the Bouncing Facility while multiplayer, if a player gets to the Screenchange WHILE anotherone is in PhaseShift it will change the screen, and then weird stuff happens, i was able to get completly off grid on the map there.

I was client, the host was doing the map transition while i was phaseshifting, resulting for me into moving on edge of the map we were transitioned into. Seemed that also most of the colisionchecks were disabled but not all.

[Frontline][0.791a][Multiplayer]Bouncing Facility Bug Multiplayer


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Adding on to above post, you can also skip season hydras with blink which is a lot more accessible for people at that stage.


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bug grindy.PNG

it's pretty easy to do this with teleport, all you have to do is go into twilight, activate it, dodge the flying rainbow box, leave the indecator over the black bridges and go out of twilight and the indecator goes to the wall, let go and you are teleported there


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My friends and I were playing Multiplayer, Stable Build. One of them was rubber-banding, and suddenly clipped through the world. He was then stuck there. Pic included.

I experienced something similar in single player. At the Flying Fortress, at the entrance near the new phase puzzle, when going down the stairs, I clipped through the left side, and was walking down to the side of the stairs instead of on it. Was stuck for a moment before I walked backwards out. No pic, unfortunately.

A few other similar instances happened, nothing major, but these two stand-out.


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During the festival bossfight Vilya can knock you out of bounds, softlocking you.
This was done during co-op and was unintentional, so I haven't replicated it, but it occured when Vilya dashed at me.
Edit: this was on the frontline build


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idk if this is the right threat for this, I was playing with 2 friends and one of them clipped using phase shift (the one pointing down). My friend thinks that this happened because we all used phase shift at same time, but I'm not sure.
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Found an out of bounds glitch in Arcade mode, although it might be possible to replicate it in Story mode, not sure. I've found that when you have certain pins that raise your attack/cast speed, like the one that increases them with the amount of gold you have, but especially the pin that increase attack/cast speed with basic attacks, you can use the Piercing Dash skill to skip through almost any wall if these pins get your speed high enough.
I've found that when your attack speed is above 800%, give or take, that's when this can occur. The skill is also being used at the Silver Charge level. Didn't think to try casting it at the bronze level, but with casting speed also increased so dramatically, I might not be able to.
This was on Beta v0.949a