Workshop Mods


Green Slime
Hello dear developers!
I like your game, and i want to make it better.
I think it could be interesting to add some workshop compatability.
And not only with translations, but also with mods!
I don't really know your game engine and your scripts, but I think that it could be possible.
For example, mods that adds weapons.
Just add new prefab - adjust it's settings - and - ta-da! - you have new weapon!
If you want something more interesting - Okay, it's time for Skill Mods!
I think that slightly decreasing size of skill icons or other ui elements will be enough to add some more space for skills. Also you may add some script api for mods. Also, i think, you could add compatability with enemies, npcs, quests - or even locations!
At last, i want to say that mods may make your game more popular and more replayable.
Best regards,