1. stinkus

    Multiplayer seems to be out of sync

    I hosted the game and played with a friend online. While I had no issues he had many problems with the game being out of sync. For example enemies would hit him without being close to him or without playing the proper animation or their animation getting stuck for some time. Sometimes sprites...
  2. T

    Co-op Story Round Robin

    There seems top be an issue when playing co-op and having the item distribution being set to round robin. the items are not shared and sometimes neither player is getting the item. Don't know if anyone else was running into this issue
  3. M

    [Gameplay] Can't ressurrect friend (host) in co-op after using bow

    When playing co-op with my friend (which hosts the games) we enjoy using the BOW to deal some extra dmg. Sometimes I can't ress him because for him, my bow is still drawn after recently (last performed action) using it in combat. The ress meter reaches max for me but fails. I then have to...
  4. L

    My Thoughts on the Game (First Impressions)

    I browsed the list of all the games on Steam, listed from best to worse based on ratings. I had the co-op and RPG tags enabled and it was to my surprise that I found what I was looking for at the top: This game. The fact the game has over 90%-95% positive feedback, has SNES-styled graphics and...
  5. TheBroOfTheNinja

    Anyone wanna play story mode?

    I have no pals to play Secrets of Grindea with. You can find my Steam account here.
  6. Tibbysan

    Multiplayer on two computers no internet?

    I'm wondering if anybody else had asked this, because there are points in time where the internet is acting up or the power is out for a while and people have laptops for the most part nowadays. So I was wondering if there is currently a way to play grindea with a friend ( for family member)...