1. Den4kGames

    Wisp problem

    My problem consist in Phase Jump Test in Flying Fortress. Im complete this test and open all chests, but im dont received Wisp-pet, and im dont why.
  2. ThatOneGuy

    Small Mushroom and Mushroom Spores for Pet Crit EXP

    There are three reasons why I believe Small Mushrooms and Mushrooms spores, the Shroomies common drops, should be fed to a pet to increase crit EXP by 1 and 5 respectively. 1) There is no way to level up crit without fishing, you cannot grind enemies to level up the pet's stat. This makes it...
  3. L

    Taming a pet bug

    So I wanted to tame a pet so I got the item and used it. All the buttons worked correctly except for the shield. This is most likely because I use a xbox 360 controller and changed the shield from the Y button to the A button. It did work correctly when I changed it back, but I prefer to have...
  4. da_ninja_monkey


    One problem i have with pets is the leveling, my pet (shown below) has 4 levels of damage but non for crits because of the way foods are given out, also in the early game you get food by grinding mobs as well as fishing but once you move out of the pillar mountains the only way to feed your pet...