1. O

    [Gameplay]Flamethrower sound still playing while putting game on pause

    When I play in solo, and use the flamethrower skill, if I press on pause when the skill sound is playing, it'll continue to play until I quit the pause menu. Doesn't seem to attack continuously, but the sound can get annoying on the long term. Thank you for the awesome game, and I hope we'll...
  2. ThatOneGuy

    Static Touch

    "Static Touch will likely remain unchanged, but we are discussing whether to make a change so that you collect the cubes by battling, and by keeping on battling enemies they will get more and more charged. With this change you’d either be able to unleash the cubes upon a single enemy by using...
  3. Wolph

    [ Multiplayer ] Charging Skills Glitch

    Secrets of Grindea Ver: Stable Beta 0.650a Connection Type: Steam Internet Speed: 5 MB • Bug: Skills are not Charging properly on Multiplayer. I don't know if this is LAG or connection problem, but even though my skills are at Silver or Golden Charge, sometimes they simply don't cast at its...