1. Elcoope


    Refunding the berserker skill while having it active, will keep the efect running until you purchase it back and deactivate it
  2. M

    General Feedback - Long Review

    Hello, fellow grinders. I'm back to playing Grindea after almost a 1,5 year hiatus. I was quite confused by all the new updates and mechanics, to say the least, but since I've already beaten the game again (and farmed everything), I bring this post to analyze some things in detail and others not...
  3. Chaldo

    [**MORE** UPDATED] [SUGGESTIONS] Bow Improvements

    While I like the new update and it's support for the bow, I think it needs improvement because it's a little lacking. As you progress through the story, the bow can be upgraded, but the only difference I have noticed is a damage increase. (EVEN NEWER) Upgradeable Bow Parts (Chris) Instead of...
  4. Xzait Dgizs

    Using Shift for skills, so you use 5 buttons instead of 10

    Occasionally, if you are using shift+ Button to reduce the amount of keys you need to press, the game will lock a skill. Every time you change areas, open then close the menu, chat with someone or complete a quest objective, you will go into a skill casting stance, even without casting any...
  5. S

    [Suggestion] Skill Tree Ideas

    So I made a thread about Weapon variety/Effects. But some of the different types on there could be part of a different Skill trees... -MELEE- Adding in Daggers and Fist Weapons into the game could allow for a "Rouge" Category in the Melee section. Allowing for an atk/movement speed focus. So...
  6. Orion

    [Suggestion(s)] Passive skills

    With the passive skills looking so empty, I can't help but feel like having one or two of these threads bumping around is a good idea. What I would personally like to see is healing skills. I mentioned this on a steam post as well, but figured this would be a better place to be heard / round up...