story mode

  1. Spartux

    Penn Wryte Summoning Book 6 Bug

    Hi all, I'm having an issue where I'm unable to get the Well-Read achievement due to a bug with Book 6. I initially got the book a few years ago (I believe v0.911 or 0.920), but recently I was playing multiplayer hosted by a friend through Steam, and when I used the book, it got consumed and...
  2. A

    [GAMEPLAY] Temple of Seasons Story Mode Secrets Completion Bug

    I have unlocked all 5 chests at Temple of Seasons, yet it still shows my secret completion as 4/5 on the map. Checked multiple times that I indeed had 5 "opened chests" in the area, so unless there's another secret other than the chests, it's probably a bug. This is the only thing blocking me...
  3. T

    Play parts of the story again?

    Hallihallo, before I start: english isn´t my native language, yes I played in english and I´m able to understand your answers, but my english writing skills are pretty....bad. And grammar...awful. So, I just start with the first question that popped into my mind after "finishing" the story...
  4. WalceDony

    Have you got 100%? (Poll)

    Because I just got 100% I figured I'd make a poll to see who else has too ;)
  5. WalceDony

    [Visual] Falling Slime's Shadow

    If the Giga Slime in arcade mode throws out slimes right before it dies, you can still see the shadows of the falling slimes but the slimes will never come down. Notes: The same thing happens in story mode when fighting the Giga Slime, as well as the Ultimate Giga Slime in the Red Redemption...
  6. A

    [Gameplay] Shadow Clone Not Functioning

    I have 2 ranks into shadow clone and have it bound to numpad 1 in .650 stable release story mode multiplayer. Pressing numpad1 does not cause any animation to display or anything to happen. I have rebound it to a variety of keys and experienced the same behavior.