A small change: 1 essence per 100,000 total score, not per 100,000 run score.


Green Slime
Maybe its just me, but I can easily clear the first 5 floors solo, I find it routine in a good way... cant get much past floor 5 recently. Multiplayer seems to be worse whenever I play with 2 others, as they don't add as much to the damage factor without taking damage in the first place. Honestly when the first boss or 2 comes up is when I am shaking my boots because 4 super powered slimes spreading their muck across the room and a boss flower to deal with... 1 guy is already dead near the beginning of battle, the other person is at half health and I am at/near full. That multiplayer boss fight is responsible for more of my deaths than any other battle.

That being said... its still more creative and entertaining than just dealing with a boss who has a bunch of health.