Android or IOS version possible?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Michael Williamson, Jul 29, 2014.

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    I am a huge fan of retro style games and RPG titles in general. I will definitely give the game a shot (I have enjoyed YouTube videos on it), but I fear I won't play it much on my PC due to the fact that I have more gaming options and usually go to an MMO if on my computer. However, there are many times I am on a tablet or smartphone and would kill to play this.

    Is there any plans to move this to Android or iOS? Can they set up a separate donation pool to make this happen? I would donate.

    Great game guys!
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    "We will see what happens after the game is finished!"

    At least when it comes to straight up ports, like consoles and Linux/OSX.

    Mobile devices are a bit of a different beast, though, since mobile devices have a host of limitations both in terms of hardware and input and it wouldn't be possible to do a regular port. Instead, we'd probably have to do a re-imagining of the game (sort of like the mobile version of Street Fighter 4).

    Basically, it would require an extreme amount of additional work we aren't even qualified of doing! So in this case I think I can stray from the standard statement and say it's extra unlikely we'll do a mobile port. The scenario where this would make sense for us is if the game became really, really popular, and we could afford to hire a mobile development team to make "Grindea Pocket Secrets" or something!

    That would be pretty cool though, so here's to hoping :D
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    There are many things that would have to be considere when you make a mobile version of any game.
    In Secrets of Grindea for example:
    - Do you keep the multiplayer? It's a core mechanic, but makes things overly complicated on mobile devices and drains a lot of battery, but also could add a "Streetpass" vibe where you could play aracade with strangers.
    - Locking it to 30 FPS. Why? Because it saves a lot processing power and therefor battery. But the animations might not work perfectly or other combat related stuff might break. (hit detection or else)
    - Resolution and interface. When you play on your fancy Galaxy S4 with 1080p Display; where do you put the controls? The Vita and 3DS have Buttons. Smartphones have a clear disadvantage in such a button heavy game as this.
    - Size. The mentioned Streetfighter4 mobile version is 381MB. A full RPG is/will be way bigger than that. Right now Secrets of Grindea is just around 250MB, but it isn't nearly half finished. (content wise) And you don't want to cut too much as this could make the game worse.

    And there are much more reasons. Of course they could pay (which is pretty expensive, unless they know someone who'd help them for cheap) someone to port the whole game to android and iOS but that alone doesn't make a good port. And what good is a good game that you can't enjoy.
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    What would it take to see the game compiled for Linux + GNU users? I would be interested in seeing this or making this happen. Let me know here on the forums or at
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    And Windows Phone? It can run XNA ;-)

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