April Fools


Green Slime
The day where you might as well take a day off from trying to read articles on internet :p
Well, I admit I've seen some good ones (by a certain group of pixellated ferrets ;) )

Anyways. I've had this tiny idea for an "april fools"-video for a few years, which I shot a couple of days ago:
(with english subtitles)
more info about this video at my blog

In Norway we yell: "Aprilsnarr!" after a successfully executed prank
Or, when I was 3 years old, I yelled "Ytteball!" (didn't make any sense for my parents at the time, either)

What are your traditions for April Fools?
And what's your "successfully-executed-prank"-phrase?


Staff member
Eww......!!!! Great video tho, nice job as always! :D

I've been pretty lazy this year. My only attempt at fooling anyone was to half-heartedly try to convince Fred that it wasn't April yet, but alas, it was unsuccessful... :(

I'm really impressed with what people have come up with though! I think my favorite this year was Path of Exile's Pay-to-Win thing, but League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire queue is pretty cool as well (if you're a fan of the game, at least).