Cross-Code has landed on Indiegogo


Yeah hi there,

i just wanted to promote the game Cross-Code of a friend of mine.

The game itself is pretty cool and since some time the demo has been released for free
Check it out at

But there are big news,

last night at 8 PM GMT+1 the indiegogo campain has started.

If you like RPG themed games with Sci-Fi you should totally risk a click.

PS: For anyone here wondering why im so hyped about it, the game has a beautifull animation and art style like SoG. The devs put very much love in the animation of the sprites.
If you try the demo youll see what i mean

mr. nails

Thanks for the post. I've beat the story mode and the puzzle mode. I'm currently on exploration mode with 20/32 chests. I get bored with all the parkour in exploration mode. What's the point of exploration mode. Just parkour and finding stuff?