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    Hello everyone. I'm Kidef (I've been going by this name for many years, lol), I'm 18 years old, from Greece and I decided to sign up to this forum the day that this wonderful game is entering early access on steam.

    I voted for Secrets of Grindea 2 years ago on greenlight and since I have a bad memory when it comes to games, I stumbled upon SoG around May. I read that this game is gonna be released on Steam and I decided to save up some money and buy it on release day (Bad luck by the way, I live in Greece and Paysafe cards are not gonna work for a short while because of the chaos, this luck of mine is unbelievable.)

    I'm glad I decided to join another forum, since I've been part of only one (and that is the terraria forum for 4 years now). I'm really picky with forums.

    By the way, if you're an Amity Affliction fan, you're a brother/sister to me. Yes, I'm obsessed with that band. No regrets ;)
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    Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay here. I'd say we're a pretty friendly community with a few very active members so if you have any question you'll probably get a response within a day or two (no guarantee tho). :D
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    Hey Kidef!
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