Fastest Furious Giga Slime Kill?!


Green Slime
So, I've bored myself lately and found a bug with /respec that everyone knows. But instead of the Gold Charge Summons trick, I have found out that Surgeon skill doesnt reset, therefor it is possible to achieve a 100%+ crit chance. Together with Titan's throw Gold Charge and all attack equip it deals a little over 4k dmg on impact and 2k on return. Screenshot ;P


If we're talking about best time with commands, here's what you can achieve with /setlevel:

Anyone beats it? :p


Green Slime
Well, i kill every boss in under 5 seconds, less than 10 on the big mech guy, cause i have to get on his head, but he dies in 2 sec after that. lol

EDIT: Forgot to mention, on hard mode.