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    I think I remember reading from the developers that there's not going to be a sale on SoG until well after the game is released. They didn't even really want to sell the game to begin with in beta, people just kept pestering them to buy it. :p They only want people playing SoG in it's current state who really, really want to. Going on sale invites in people who were on the fence about it, which probably leads to negative reviews when it doesn't wind up as complete as they'd have prefered.

    I could be wrong on this, though.
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    That's a pretty good strategy to be honest. I read through the negative reviews on Steam and they only seem to say there's a lack of content, who must be the people with money flowing out of their ears. Or that the game crashed and they lost all their progress, but that should have been fixed with the new update.
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    • General impressions: The game is one of the best I'ver played from the genre.
    • What you liked the most: Hard mode and Bosses.Definitely bosses on hard mode.
    • What you liked the least: Lack of mouse support.Bow and magic rods.
    • Confusing elements: At the moment nothing.Maybe ledges on GUN-D4M.
    • Optional content: Most optional content were spot on, between fishing, arena and arcade mode there's plenty of bonus activities to do.
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    General impressions: One of the best games I have played this year. Story was good, which is very important to me. I enjoy the exploration/ puzzles, which reminded me of exploring newly released areas of MMO's. Overall combat mechanics were well done.
    What you liked the most: I think I enjoyed solving the puzzles of the dungeons/ quests (especially the ones seasone)/ block puzzles/ boss fights the most interesting. Personally, I like the story mode much more than the arcade mode, because I am a more puzzle/ exploration oriented. Rouge likes boil the game down to only combat. There is a reason that I like Zelda games and Metroidvania's.
    What you liked the least: I think being EP tied was the most annoying thing. I was using a magic oriented build, and between summons and needing to use spells I found myself short on EP. I understand that there has to be some limitation, but it felt bad that my friend who was playing melee build could still do reasonable damage with a basic attack while I had to run. I would do a basic attack but I was far too squishy so the risk was not worth the reward.
    Confusing elements: One thing that took me awhile to figure out was that there were 2 ways to bind keys. The options and the hot key menu. I didn't realize that I could change the hot keys, so I was confused on how to change the bindings for my controller. I ended up playing on keyboard because of that. Honestly, I still don't know if I can map the attack and defend key elsewhere on my controller.
    Optional content: I like the activities. I wish fishing was more rewarding (It felt time spent fishing was so much greater than grinding for pet feed). The maps were really cool because they incentivized learning how the map looks and gave me a better feel of the world as a whole. The side quests I liked the most were the santa ones where you have to find the santa's and the frostling. Both quests required me to think about the area and I learned more about the area. The arena is one area I would like to see a bit more from. I think that as is, it is a bit too similar to the arcade mode.

    I think one of the things that don't get enough praise is how memorable the map of the world is. It kind of reminds me of ALttP or OoT where I have a clear image of the world in my mind. There have been many games were I play and I couldn't tell you where anything was because I never revisited areas, the map was confusing, or never really needed to know much about it. I feel like learning about the geography of the world makes it more immersive as if I was going to a new place in the real world.

    Also, the music is top notch.

    TLDR: I like puzzles, exploring the map, the story, and combat. I think some balancing for magic would be helpful. The arena needs a bit more something. Great game.
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    The cornerstone to my magic build is using different spells and Prismatic. It's an EP lifesaver. If you aren't already, try using Phaseman's boots and the blue robe. That'll give your EP regen a decent kick.
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    Admitidly, I didn't get the Phaseman's boots till much later because I didn't realized you could go farm it. Even with Prismatic, I still found it tough to lets say use a silver charged ice buddy (50 EP) and then alternate between chain lightning and the ice nova. I like the mechanic where summons take a section of EP because it feels like a familiar who takes a portion of your energy, but it really limits the other spells you can use. It feels like I couldn't do spells and summons. It was one or the other.

    One question, how long do I have to cast the next spell to get the prismatic reduction? I never actually checked.
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    I believe there's no time duration. As long as you've used a spell of another element beforehand, I'm pretty sure you could wait forever and it'd still work. I assume the effect resets when you go through a loading screen though.
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    General impressions: It was really enjoyable! The story is good, the characters are well written. The combat is also rather enjoyable and the grind is reasonable. Definitely could see myself continue playing if the game is longer.

    What you liked the most:
    I really love the story and the characters. I love how each character have their own personalities and portraits. I love how each temple/town has their own themes. The monsters are varied and the boss fights are really cool! Also, pet collecting.

    What you liked the least:
    Feeding pet. It takes a lot of food to level up the stats.
    Fishing isn't really my thing, since you kinda just stand still to fish :x

    Confusing elements:
    So far, it's pretty straightforward. There were times where I wasn't sure where to look for the sidequests, or whether there are new sidesquests available after each story arc.

    Skill descriptions could be more specific, like how much damage does the skill actually do, or how much defense/atk speed a buff gives.

    Don't really know what special effects does some equipment gives.

    Optional content:
    I really enjoyed the treasure maps and the secret treasures that were hidden in the areas.Arena was enjoyable as well, but it's really unforgiving in terms of the damage taken. I got hit once and I got dropped to A rank :C More pets and crafting please!

    This game is so much fun! I really love it!! Thank you for making this game!
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    Special effects for items can be found for items when you out the selector over them in your pack. It should tell you in the item description at the bottom of the page :p
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    I only just got the game recently to play with my girlfriend and some friends, being absolutely mesmerized of what the trailer showed me. (I even ended up buying 3 copies due to an incident where I accidentally bought my friend the game instead of my gf, and I'm having to buy another one because it didn't get accepted by her- or idk you get my point. Totally worth the pain though.) I'll probably update this later when I play more, but from my first impressions, it's amazing and is a game I definitely wanna follow as it expands and evolves.
    • To the point though, I enjoyed most everything that I've seen. I'm a little excessive though, I feel like more skills would really make the gameplay amazing. Anyways... One issue I had was the controls. When I had changed my keys (arrows) to the num-pad, when I tried to enter a name for my character and go down to confirm (using newly configured keys) it kept inserting numbers at the end due to the up, down, left, right now being on the numbers. This was just a small annoyance, but I thought I'd bring it up. Usually I'd suck it up and use the original controls but the way it's set hurts my wrists a bit.

    • Haircuts are kinda ehh too. I feel like maybe a Mohawk or some hair where it's spiked in the front (like pushed up) would be cool. (I did see there was some locked ones, so maybe they do get better, so I apologize for being a noob. -these are first impressions though-)

    • I don't know if this is really worth the fix, but when holding shift shield wouldn't work and shift is like my push-to-talk button for TeamSpeak and other communication apps so.. It's just bothersome when I forget. I'll just get used to it lol.

    IMPORTANT STUFF v v v v v v v v (Nvm, I'll just have to wait ro put suggestions in lol. Loving the fact most these things are already in.)

    • I dunno if I am just blind, but when upgrading a skill, there's no info on what the upgrade does. Like, is it +1% damage? faster cast? It'd be cool to see that implemented as well as (this is just a really awesome please do this bonus) visual skill changes when upgrading. I haven't played enough to know if this actually is a thing, but for example if you upgrade the cloud summon enough maybe He'll turn into a little storm cloud or something I dunno, but that would be AMAZING!!! Stuff like that is absolutely awesome. Other example might be a fire ball getting bigger, more red, or smoking. Or like the plant summon becoming a flower or tree or the bug blast having bigger bugs and/or a more variety of bugs. Those are just some possibilities. I can't stretch how much I love things like this though. Makes upgrading way more exciting!!!!
    Sorry for putting suggestions here though. I didn't know where else to put them, and these were kinda my first impressions. I might as well add that I LOVE the art style and the soundtracks are pretty damn good as well. Also, I just though about this, but weather is a visual must. Seeing snow and rain fall or even leaves is just so beautiful. Especially in games like this. Thank you guys for making this absolutely amazing game. I can't wait to see the final product.
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    It says that in the "more info" section for some of the skills, but not all of them. Often a silver or gold point adds a small, fairly insignificant boost that only has a major effect when you put multiple points in.

    Also, once you get to five silver points, you unlock silver charges and for skills, which pretty much do exactly what you said. I think the devs are one step ahead of you :p

    I don't think it's mentioned anywhere in the game again, but you can hold down Ctrl when you press a key in text boxes and the game will not type any text.

    Are you playing the demo by any chance? As there are already a giant Goku-like hairstyle and a somewhat axe-like mohawk in both the stable and frontline versions :p

    I've campaigned for Ctrl and Shift to be allowed as bindings in and of themselves, as currently they only operate like you have to hold down the button then press another for it to be used as a combination. I'm not too sure about the right shift button though, in case you're using that.
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    Thanks bunches for the info. I'm somewhat of a newb. Anyways, I'd like to add that there's no "Buyback" feature in stores. Am I just being oblivious again? haha. Also, I meant a more terraria looking Mohawk. The Goku hairstyle is... Great in it's own way.

    EDIT: Another thing I wanted to add is that there's no Reset to Defaults option in settings and no option for that in game on the Quickslot menu. This isn't really a big deal, it's just a minor inconvenience.
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    General impressions: At first it was a bit to easy (normally how most games start.) though, the game felt a bit too easy. Some things could've been made stronger. After beating the first temple it got better. I was thinking the elite monsters where a bit to easy though (I realised that I was like level 13ish when I battled them [I was grinding for cards as I try to do in every area after getting the first haha!]) Then it slowly got more challenging. Which I liked :)
    What you liked the most: I liked the puzzles (so far of course) and the areas. I'm use to sloving puzzles (I played a lot of LoZ). The reverse button is interesting, you can stop it any time too don't gotta wait till it's fully reset. I love all of the areas. the city to the Santa Fae to the Pumpkin woods! It's all different. I love it!
    What you liked the least: Mostly, the bosses. The Season Hydra and GUN-D4M to be clear. GUN-D4M was interesting. the shocking when you damage his head and such a bit annoying really.. but... the bullet hell thing? it was insane. Maybe remove the purple bullet that goes to the red bit to punishing. Hydra felt to hard on normal.. Maybe lower their health a bit? maybe? please? that took me like 20 trys. almost gave up after that :(
    Confusing elements: I only have one, suprisingly! The fact that Naniva doesn't have an orb after her becoming Spring was really confusing!
    Suggestion: If possiable, make it so the areas adapt to a certain level. when I went back to get the Ghosty card I felt bad for oneshoting everything, So maybe make the areas adapt to maybe 2-3 levels above you. so if you missed a card it would still be a little challening to get instead of oneshoting everyything but the elites. For example, in settings there would be a tab "Adaption" with an On/Off switch and if its on it lights up a number thing where you can select a number from 2-5 (1 is for babys :p)
  14. GoodStuff

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    The GUN-D4M bullet hell on Normal is super easy. You can just stand in one spot the whole time. :p
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    oh I didn't realise that >.> was moving around a lot haha..
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    General Impressions: This game literally brought out my Terraria farming instinct. What's that you ask? In Terraria, I had to get a Blindfold item. Took me about 2 hours to get it and I liked doing it. This game brings that on a regular basis with cards, rare items and the sorts. So the Grinding from Grindea is done well here. About the combat, I'd say it's confusing since the Two-Handed skill tree is made to hit multiple enemies with a few hard-hitting spells, meanwhile the One-Handed skill tree is made to hit one enemy at a time.

    Using that knowledge, Two-Handed people are going to farm items faster on their first playthrough. I haven't played as a Mage yet because I simply don't enjoy spells and the likes, but I did try it once and the fire spells looks devastating. Lightning and Earth were disappointing though.

    What I Liked the most: The Story. Despite it being a game about grinding your way to 100% Completion, it still managed to have a pretty decent story. Although it is a bit straightforward and obvious, I still had fun doing it.

    What I Liked the least:
    The Pets. Although they bring extra bonuses (and extra cuteness) if you feed them enough, they didn't feel like they did anything. I couldn't find the will to sit for 2 hours, farming things to feed them and then give them it. I didn't care enough about the bonuses. It felt mundane and boring.

    Confusing Elements: The menus are fine, they are quite easy to access and look through and the aesthetics are amazing. Though I wish the first menu that explained our character, our date of birth, our Collector card. I wish we had control over that. It doesn't make sense that we get to be a random guy. I want to get close to my character but I just can't when I didn't even decide when he was born.

    Optional Content: Side activities are disappointing due to the fact that this game is about grinding. The one side quest I had much fun with was the one with Santa, where he ate pastry and divided into smaller Santas. That was a great quest. Another side activity that was fun was the Treasure Maps. It challenged our minds and knowledge of the areas.

    Fishing was great but once you got all items in one area, there is no reason to fish anymore. Same with the Arena. I know we'll get more challenges in the arena but there is no replayability. Right now, once you get the crown, you don't have to go back in the Arena.

    Want to fight the Green Giant Slime? Go in the Collector's Boss Trophy Room.
    Want to fight the Red Goliath of a Slime? Play Arcade Mode!

    Things I want the most: Customize our character to the fullest. Allow us to give our character a date of birth, which star he was born under, that sort of thing. And more clothing, T-Shirts, Shorts, Capes, Shoulderpads, more of these to make our character more unique other than a Face, Hat and the colour of our Scarf.
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  17. JustJoe

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    • General impressions: I genuinely loved the whole experience. It was a lot of fun, very engaging and nice to lose time to. Grinding on the whole didn't feel like it was and the art style and music just really added to this nice experience. Once I reached the end of the story mode I was definitely left wanting more.
    • What you liked the most: I really enjoyed the combat, it was simple and could get very chaotic and fun especially when enemies start respawning like crazy. I also liked the idea of the cards in the game giving you a perma-buff. But I really enjoyed the art direction and music of the title the most.
    • What you liked the least: Ironically enough as much I love the cards, I felt like they then kill the whole reason of farming creatures. Like it left me not wanting to farm and grind anymore. I also didn't like that there was absolutely no consequence for dying. Like not even halting progress or anything like that. It makes the game too easy, especially with the amount of checkpoints in the game.
    • Confusing elements: The only confusing element was the gold points. I had no idea what those were for until I googled it. Otherwise everything else was pretty self-explanatory.
    • Optional content: I did just about most of the side quests and went out for crafting supplies a lot. I'm a big Monster Hunter fan so when it came to finding those rare materials to make that specific set of armor that filled me a lot with glee. I also enjoyed the option to go and fight bosses again, and the fishing mechanic was cool too.
  18. rustixote

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    • General impressions: The game was enjoyable. I would keep playing this game to level 100 if the content existed.
    • What you liked the most: Skills feel unique and useful in their own ways. Enemies are varied.
    • What you liked the least: Some bosses just feel impossible with a certain set of skills.
    • Confusing elements: Ledges that you can drop down are hard to notice.
    • Optional content: Arcade mode: (solo)
      • Need ability to cancel challenges before the timer runs out.
      • Fishing should really just allow 3 chances instead of ~30 seconds. Also, once you get the hang of fishing, it's a pretty silly room (ie its almost 100% success). Might as well just have a chest.
      • When entering each room, there should be a slight pause so that you can assess the level. Some things, like brambles and burrowing flowers can be very hard to see. This makes the frosty friend feel mandatory to take those first hits while you can determine what the level contains.
      • Vendor needs a buyback option.
      • Vendor seems like it draws from a subset of all items. Why not just make the vendor sell any item, but randomize it? Could help smooth out the power differences between runs.
      • Perks feel really underwhelming. Would like some better options here.
      • The guardian boss seems like it should not be able to be shielded by a minion that it summons.
  19. Prometheus

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    • General impressions: I purchased this game last night and my roommate and I did couch co-op wayyyy later than we needed to. Difficulty was very reasonable on normal. Not a walk in the park but not rage-enducing "wtf"
    • What you liked the most: The variety of builds. I went 2H attacker and my roommate went summoner. We ended up doing well due to how well the builds synergized.
    • What you liked the least: Questing is almost too free-form. We got to the pumpkin patch/sp00ky ghost area and ran around for a while before realizing that we needed to talk to the hooded guy we had just talked to cause it took us forever to actually find him. (Our fault, but goal wasn't clear imo)
    • Confusing elements: Besides the questing, the item count would be better placed on the item tile, not the description imo.
    • Optional content: We went to the snow area after losing to the Gundam boss for a bit and grinded on the snow goblins. Was fun.
    One final note: Respeccing. This is our first playthrough and thus we were familiarizing ourselves with the game while playing around with abilities. We discovered our chosen builds quite lacking and ended up not being able to respec to try out new/better builds for a while due to cost. Perhaps have events or an item that just resets all points? Even if it's rare or something like 10x player level it would be better for total respecs vs the current per-point system.
  20. The G-Meister

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    Thanks for proving my point that I've been making around here on and off. I thought it might happen for at least some new people. :D Anyway, you can type /respec or /refund in chat (enter to open) which will refund all your skill point for free.

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