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Discussion in 'Co-Op & Matchmaking' started by Opuni, Jul 19, 2014.

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    So I somehow managed to change the default port of 6000 to 24865.
    Problem is, I don't remember how. Any help?

    [edit: Welp, I fixed it now. My fault for playing round the config.txt]
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    Maybe i can help. I assume that you use Windows XP or older and that you mean the game port and not the router port. If the problem is with the Router (or you use iOS or Linux) yes say so and i'
    ll do my best to help you with that too.

    Open any folder and navigate to the the adress bar
    adress bar.JPG
    and then enter %appdata%
    OR navigate to the windows menu and enter %appdata% into the search

    After pressing enter you are now in the Appdata/Roaming folder from there you go to the 'Secrets of Grindea' folder.
    Inside the 'Secrets of Grindea' folder there are two config files; config.cfg and config.txt. We want to open config.txt and in line 16 can you change the default Port from 24865 to 6000.

    Edit: Do you know when you write an answer for 20 Minuten, post it, and realize that it was resolved 10 minutes ago...
    at least i got the problem right...
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    A for Effort. :3
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