[FIXED] Text doesn't show up properly

Well, I completely translated the game to Korean, but there is a problem.

Even if I create and compile Spritefont, the text shows up like (??? ???).
As I understand, this problem only happens on Captain Bone's head dialogues.

The example below:


The first one is LocalID : TaiMing_Shiidu_RefusalStyle01 text. Subfont is InMenuDescription.
Original Text is "Clever... yet I still refuse!". Nothing seems wrong, I think.


But the second one is LocalID : BonesBubbleAttacking04 text. Subfont is also InMenuDescription.
Original Text is "Walk the plank!". This time, it shows up as "?? ?? ? ???!".

I have deleted Spritefont and recreated it, but I don't think it helped.
I am using 'gulim' font, one of the default fonts for Korean desktop.


Staff member
Hey! Thanks again for the report!

I've updated the game to 0.873d, and hopefully it should display the Korean text correctly now!
I've checked, and it perfectly works! Now I've released the Korean patch.

Actually, friendly feedback and quick response are the main reasons why I decided to translate this game. Thank you for the quick response! :)