Flamethrower gold charge and manaburn

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by tkld178, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. tkld178

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    So the gold charge of flamethrower releases flames for 2 seconds plus extra for skill points and then will use your remaining mana to sustain the attack.

    Manaburn will increase damage by 10% per point invested if you cast skills under 50% mana.

    Manaburn is a very special talent where most skills won't get a benefit at high charge levels or you will need to build your character to get this bonus damage. Gold charge flamethrower having a 50 mana cost makes it hard to build for manaburn however since it starts to consume mana to continue to use it after a time I think that after your mana goes below 50% once that happens it should get the manaburn buff.
  2. The G-Meister

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    I think the devs idea behind talents is that they aren't supposed to be useful in every build. The build I run in arcade doesn't use manaburn because I often either dump my whole EP bar on the floor at once by spamming plants, or I'm using smash after some setup which doesn't get a buff from MATK anyway. Instead I benefit more from other talents such as arcane charge and sudden strike, which I know a lot of builds don't use.
  3. tkld178

    tkld178 Rabby

    I understand completely what you are saying but I feel this case is a little unique. No other magic skill uses more energy after the spell is cast and you are literally burning your mana to continue the spell. I just thought it would be something cool.
  4. Specification for ManaBurn: When your EP is below 50%, you gain 10% MATK per Talent Level. Can confirm that this is actually the norm. So what you're suggesting is already in the game (unless I misread).

    As fun side, I do think manaburn is actually useful for most mages when used correctly. (G doesn't use it because isn't a full mage; he hybrids).

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