Forum Guidelines?

What do you think about a forum rules thread?

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Hello there, folks!

I've recently entered this bright forum here and didn't manage to find any kind of forum rules or guidelines thread. I have even used the search feature but had no luck overall. Well, does someone know about any? And what do you guys think about one?


Staff member
We have guidelines/rules for the Bug Reports part of the forum, but not for the others, as we haven't seen the need yet. I've been thinking about making a few guidelines for the Feedback & Suggestions forum, though, to clean it up a little bit.

I guess in the other parts of the forum it's just a matter of being nice and using the search function when possible to avoid duplicate threads :) Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?


Green Slime
In an idyllic world, forums wouldn't need policies, guidelines or moderating. Everyone knows the unwritten rules anyway... have fun and don't be an ass. Guidelines or policies exist largely to give mods more power to mute, ban or permaban trolls/toxics. It's unfortunate that most forums need to be policed as heavily as they are.


I've seen the guideline for the Bug Reports part of the forum and found it pretty neat. It gives a whole sense of organization. I believe that having some kind of Guideline explaining some basic rules wouldn't hurt at all, and could even avoid some future problems. And yes, the folks from this forum seem to very polite and I haven't seen any unspoken rules being broke, at least for now.

If I have any question, I'll surely ask!

Anyway, as they say, it is better to buy a plunger before you need one. Maybe that saying works for forum guidelines too! Who knows?