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    Summary: A whole bunch of side content for the desert! Probably more content than the main quest patch

    Recommended level: 23-25

    Update Description


    Side quests!

    As I wrote in the previous patch notes, and as people who played through the main story in Dragonbone Dunes probably noticed, the main story portion was fairly short. To reiterate what I said then, this was a deliberate decision since we didn't want the story to linger too much before moving on to the next dungeon.

    However, we we also didn't want the desert and Port Monnaie (its harbor town) to feel rushed or empty. In fact, as the final big new "friendly" area, we wanted it to be one of the best areas in the game in terms of atmosphere and amount of content!

    To that end, we've been adding a whole bunch of stuff to the desert, and also to other parts of the game (we've finally made the chests blocked behind water accessible and also added some flashback orbs that will unlock after finishing Tai Ming, giving context to some lore).

    At some point we're going to add even more stuff (like the story behind the huge tree in the desert), but for now we're satisfied with the amount of content Dragonbone Dunes and Port Monnaie has! We hope you enjoy!

    Next Up: Now we're going to monitor the stability for a week while working on the coming temple! When any new bugs have been squashed, we'll upload it all to Stable!



    • All desert enemies now have an elite version
    • Added a cave with some bonus math-based puzzles (sorry)
    • Added a side quest for the drinking guy in the saloon
    • Added a side quest for the author in Port Monnaie
    • Added a side quest for Sandie in Port Monnaie the harbor
    • Added a side quest for Cammy in Port Monnaie
    • Added a side quest for Finder in Dragonbone Dunes
    • The statues in the math cave can now be inspected for side-lore
    • The Port Monnaie music now alters character when close to Riley
    • The sound effects of the Desert arc has been added!
    • Card Effects and Card Art for the desert enemies have been added
    • Desert fishing and its customary achievement has been added
    • All the merchants in the Port Monnaie marketplace now have proper shops
    • Five flashback orbs will now be available outside of Tai Ming for players who have completed it
    • Misc: The Sol-Gem and Marino will no longer become aggro'd by Frosty Friend
    • Balance: Various crit items have been buffed, as well as the Brutality talent
    • Balance: Projectiles deal 30 % less damage if shielded
    • Balance: Perfect Guard damage reduction is now 66 %, up from 50 %
    • Balance: Crystal Shield Perfect Guard damage reduction is now 80 %, up from 66 %
    • Balance: Card drop rate now slowly, slowly climbs if you've been extremely unlucky with a particular enemy
    • Balance: Season Mage projectiles now deal much more damage to enemies when reflected
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that made some pet types attempt grand escapes from Arcadia
    • Fixed a few bugs related to skipping the Sol-Gem and boulder cutscenes
    • A gold charge meteor hitting a burning target should no longer cancel the burn effect
    • Getting Cammy before Oldman in Arcadia should no longer block Oldman from spawning
    • Arcade Mode now remembers how much lumber you've bought between sessions and adjusts prices accordingly
    • Fixed a bug where activating the mimic while another player was by the door would lock that player out
    • A server talking to Quemi should no longer cause the dialogue to show up for the client as well
    • The Port Monnaie NPCs should now move around properly for clients
    • The 'I Got You Covered' talent now previews the effect increase properly when leveling it
    • Canceling a dodging strike with a weapon swap can no longer be used to create invincibility fields
    • Fixed a bug where Katarina could appear at two places at once. This is not Game of Thrones!
    • Fixed a bug that made uncharged Insect Swarm stronger than the bronze charge
  2. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    My god do I deeply understand that statement.

    Really cool update! I especially like the diversity and the uniqueness of the side quests and added mechanics. The amount of content did also not disappoint - I didn't know more desert content would be added and was positively surprised. Looking forward to see the overall time one can spend in the desert and city when I'll be completing the whole part in one piece.

    - I enjoyed the calculating puzzles a lot more than the first ones! However, I got cold feet when I saw the triple digit indicator in the first room :D Did you for real make randomly generated math puzzles, you maniac?! One day I will return, though and make the indicator worth hanging in my home. (or so I hope)
    - Absolutely loved the self-reference on the beach! Immediately spotted it before talking to the photographer about the first quest. I wonder if it was the master plan all along.
    - The feel of the market is really cozy and authentic now, as you can actually buy stuff from every trader. The housing system really works wonders for the immersion in Port Monnaie.
    - Enjoyed the flashbacks a lot (and the photographer's quest quite conveniently leading to them)
    - The cat luring mechanic was pretty neat, but honestly it was also quite annoying as you have to spend actual items on it. :bag: If not for the very interesting reward, it might have been better to receive some quest item to feed the cat with.
    - When tracking Penn's quest (which is a long list) and receiving some new equipment, you can't see the quick-equip window properly. Perhaps shorten the list by 1 or 2 rows.
    - The mass of new items is very very cool. Especially some more items with crit on it. And there are a bunch of new special effects.
    - Love the Solem Shield! Finally an eyed shield that doesn't refuse to fight! :p

    Thanks again for your work and all the great content! Such content is never a must, so as a fan of sidequests I appreciate it all the more.
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  3. Own

    Own Moderator

    As opposed to all those other fetch quests that you have to spend actual items on? :p Turkeys, crystals -> crystal chisel, grocery shopping, Rare Candy, etc?
  4. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

  5. 0x5f375a86

    0x5f375a86 Green Slime

    What's wrong with that? Recipe page.
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  6. TsReaper

    TsReaper Boar

    It seems that the objectives of the new collecting quests (Museum Closed and the Food Collecting quests) are not displaying correctly in Chinese (and also in other glyph heavy languages I suppose).


    Pommel (the weapon seller in the harbor) and Blokke (the armor seller in the harbor) speak the same lines. This also seems to be a bug.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
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  7. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Do they display correctly in the tracking window (the one showing objectives to the right when outside the menu), or does it display incorrectly at all places?

    Nice catch! Seems like I accidentally saved over Pommel's line when making Blokke's
  8. TsReaper

    TsReaper Boar

    All objectives except the last one display incorrectly in all places(The last objective is "return to Penn").
  9. 0x5f375a86

    0x5f375a86 Green Slime

    If the language is changed into English, it will be gone.
  10. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    I managed to find the bug! I hadn't set the description templates in the correct way, which messed up the automatic translation detection. I'll see if I can get down to the office today and upload a fix!


    On a side note, I wonder if I should make it so finished objectives are hidden if the list is very long...
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  11. Shadow the Edgehog

    Shadow the Edgehog Green Slime

    maybe it is for the worse.
    I can't complete Museum is closed quest, (I started it before I knew about crystal clear quest), I took Crystal quest while completing Museum quest, and now I can't finish either of them. She speaks, like I haven't collected'em all
  12. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hey! Thanks for the report!

    Could you upload the save files (both the character and world file) in a .zip file? You can find the save files in %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea! Your first slot is named 0.cha and 0.wld, and so on.

    If you use Discord and you'd rather send them through there, you can do that as well!
  13. Shadow the Edgehog

    Shadow the Edgehog Green Slime


    Attached Files:

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  14. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Thanks @Shadow the Edgehog !

    I've fixed the bug now, but the fix will be bundled into a later patch. You can fix the issue yourself though by removing the Crystal Clear quest (so you can finish the museum quest, and then pick up Crystal Clear again)

    To remove it, paste the following line into the chat in-game:

    /forget _SideQuest_CrystalClear

    Thanks again for the save file!
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