[Gameplay] Not sure if this is valid (/respec bug)


There's a little bug with the /respec command.

I am currently using the Frontline Beta, so not sure about Stable.

I don't know if this qualifies as a legitimate bug (since commands like /respec are likely to be removed in the future anyway)

The effects of this bug can be seen here:

Basically, I'm sure some people know you can use /respec to keep gold-charge tier summons or buffs out even if you don't have them levelled after respeccing, however what this ALSO does is allows you to infinitely stack talent levels, gaining an infinite amount of attributes from them.

You can see in the video I was able to stack an insane amount of HP, Energy, attack speed, crit rate, damage, etc. This didn't take too long to do, and while it was pretty fun hitlocking enemies so much their death animations wouldn't even play, its still a noteworthy bug with the command.

NOTE that refunding talent levels the normal way does work properly (it will deduct extra stat boosts), it is only the command that does not deduct extra boosts.

Also, this goes away upon save & quit, so its just a temporary thing until you return to the menu.

Edit: To get a better idea, here's one of the more extreme things you can do with the bug:

(I admit I had some fun with it, lol)
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