[Gameplay/Visual] Blink oddities + one softlock

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by SRLGrace, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Hiya! I just wanted to report some weird oddities with the Blink spell that I've run into while learning to speedrun the main story. (At some point I'll find good video clips to attach to these)

    I'll start with some boss triggers that I know of:
    You can blink over the trigger for the Phaseman fight, but you can just walk back into it to trigger the fight with no weirdness after that.
    You can also blink over the trigger for the Season Hydra fight, skipping that fight. Thankfully, the room reverts to its base Winter state when you re-enter it as you're leaving the temple. I have a suspicion this might be intentional? (Also, selfishly, I'd kinda like it to stay as it is if not as it's really niche and most casual players won't take blink, nor will they be aware of the particular trigger zone)

    There's also some not ideal camera behaviour when blinking into particular areas, as well.
    In the poison rooms within the Mt Bloom phasing course, if you blink into the mob fight triggers (both of them), the camera freaks out until it has finished panning over (might be during the camera pan after phasing, causing two commands on the camera.)
    A similar camera freak out occurs when you blink close to/directly on any time rift in Tai Ming, possibly a similar cause?

    Not related to blink, but a camera issue nonetheless, is if you map warp after getting the toy crown in the back of Puzzle Land without panning the camera back to the standard character in centre camera, is that camera pan persists until you hit a screen transition (as far as I can tell.)

    The softlock I found by complete accident; if you skip the cutscene after the Zhamla survival fight at a point after he grabs your character (I did it while the banishing animation was playing), you gain movement for a little, then your character transitions into the state after you get pulled back through time (on the ground, clearly winded). You can't move, but you can open the menu and save exit out. Reloading restores normal functionality. Skipping the cutscene earlier (typically, at the start) doesn't cause this behaviour.

    That's all I have at the moment. Game is good fun (still!)

    edit: Oh I completely forgot. This is on the stable beta, and most of these existed on the previous patch (0.880c) as well.
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