Games like the Arcade Mode in SoG?


Green Slime
Some friends and I really enjoy the arcade mode in Secrets of Grindea, but we want more! Does anyone have suggestions for similar games to this mode? Here's what we like most out of it:

  • Randomized floors
  • Skills/leveling up
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Top Down
  • Fast and easy to reset


Handsome Moderator
This a pretty broad suggestion.

Does it have to be top down? I mean Mario 2D style is not ok? Or 2.5D like Dead Pixels?
ALSO RogueLike with online mode? This is not much of a thing.
☆ = Definite recommendation
〄 = good but not sure if you want a game like this (no multiplayer)

☆ Risk of Rain (has multiplayer)
〄 Rogue Legacy

Top Down
〄 The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (local multiplayer only)
☆ Dungeon of the Endless (has multiplayer, but also some TowerDefense, not as action-y)
〄 Teleglitch
〄 Nuclear Throne (local Multiplayer)

〄 Dead Pixels

Aside from that mutliplayer rogue-like is not very.... popular
RogueLike + Multiplayer
RogueLike + Local Coop


Friendly Moderator (Formerly known as GoodStuff)
When you say Online Multiplayer are you looking for PvP or do you just mean that you wanna play co-op without having to be in the same place?

Realm of the Mad God fits in on the descriptions but I didn't find it super fun. It is free so you've got nothing to lose if you decide you wanna try it. :p


Handsome Moderator
When you say Online Multiplayer are you looking for PvP or do you just mean that you wanna play co-op without having to be in the same place?
First, Realm of the Mad God, try it at least.

He's looking for a game where he can run fast rogue-like rounds with friends.

So 2-4 player online multiplayer RPG with randomized levels... pretty specific

mr. nails

This a pretty broad suggestion.
And yet all the games you mentioned are on that list. Minus Dead Pixels. Imo, game play wise, it's least similar to SoG.

OP could had just looked through that list and found everything they wanted/needed.

People will always ask for suggestions and everyone has their own opinion. It's hard to accommodate everyone's preferences. Hence, "The List".


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If he wanted a list he propably looked on steam, but he asked us, so he want an opinion.
Would you recommend all the games on the list? Have you played all the games on the list?

I think if someone asks you for recommendations, you only should recommend stuff and not tell them where they can find stuff.

"Do you know any good knifes?"
"Have you looked in a store?"
This is not really helpful

In addition to that, recommending good stuff is faster then wading through the bazilion mediocre steam games.

Also Dead Pixels
- very fast reset
- randomly generated levels
- different modes
- rpg elements

The one I'd say is the least like SoG is FTL
FTL takes long, has no multiplayer and no real RPG element


Green Slime
Thanks guys. Yes, we looked through steam lists, but as MrChocodemon said, I wanted personal opinions/suggestions not an objective list, which is entirely un-helpful (mr. nails).

Yea, it doesn't have to fit all criteria, I think i'll take a look at some of your suggestions. We also found Hammerwatch and after playing that for a little bit it seems like a good alternative.

I'll have to give Risk of Rain another shot, I did enjoy it but I don't think I played it enough to form an opinion.

Thanks so much for your help MrChocodemon!


Friendly Moderator (Formerly known as GoodStuff)
Super Smash TV!*

*= No randomized floors though. And no leveling. And no online multiplayer (unless you work around it in en emulator). But it's a top down room-to-room action game!
I think you're missing the point. XD