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GrindScript (GitHub) is a modding tool for Secrets of Grindea that is currently in development.

If you ever felt like coding some new wacky enemies, or adding your own items to the game, or just doing a little bit of coding, you can try using the modding tool by downloading it from here:

GrindScript v0.16
(Note: you'll need the current Meat Shield version 0.940e! The mod tool is unlikely to work with the Stable branch)

While there's not much documentation right now, you can look at TestMod to see how you can create a mod. You should also check this Readme for how to create a Visual Studio project for your mod, and the GitHub Wiki for some code samples.

The mod tool uses a separate save folder (%appdata%\GrindScript) to store its modded saves. You'll need to copy over your vanilla saves from SoG's folder (%appdata%\Secrets Of Grindea) if you want to use them with mods. However, even with this separation, you should also back up your vanilla saves just in case!

For now, there's two small mods made by me that you can try out:

MarioArcadeExtras v0.16 - a mod that adds 12 Perks, 3 Curses and 18 Pins that utilize a new "bonus levels" mechanic for talents. Multiplayer support is experimental. The server and clients will need to have the same mods, obviously!



ElderModeMod v0.16 - a brutal mod that replaces some of the enemies with their harder, late-game variants (or just makes them into elites / hyper elites if there are none!). Original idea by Miseris. Not tested in multiplayer, though.


The installation instructions are written in the release notes, but you pretty much need to copy the DLLs in the Mods folder, and the asset folders in the Content/ModContent folder (create it if it doesn't exist yet).

You may also want to check out ILSpy. It is a decompiler for .NET that you can use to inspect SoG's vanilla code, and understand what happens in the backend (although keep in mind that the mod tool patches a few key methods from there).

Since the mod tool is in development, bugs / crashes / weird stuff may happen at times!
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