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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dissius, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Dissius

    Dissius Green Slime

    I figured I'd finally bring myself out of the woodwork now that I have pledged money to the game. Have yet to have time to play just yet, but I figured I'd get myself introduced before I start off. Opted into the Frontline Beta as well. I've not tested any Beta since playing Maple Story's beta way back when.

    Looking forward to talking with you all on what we are able to spot. :)
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  2. Welcome to the forums!

    I hope you interact with us and do things, and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I am (Even though I've only played the demo, and have yet to buy the game)
  3. Dissius

    Dissius Green Slime

    Been playing for the past hour and I've got to say it's pretty fun. Although my preference for two-handed weapons my be my undoing. LOL
  4. I have a high preference for Two-Handed weapon's, too. I need to get the main game instead of the demo.
  5. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    2handed FTW! Best choise for Story Mode unless you speedrun it. :p
  6. Dissius

    Dissius Green Slime

    Heh! I've been busy collecting furs because...I NEED TO UPGRADE. Well, not really but it's a compulsory want to complete an item before I get to the next area. Kinda like getting equip drops back when I used to play Secret of Mana and having the Nintendo Power guide in my lap that highlighted enemies with useful rare drops.

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