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How many times you died versus the first boss Big Slime?

  1. Just one, I learned his setskill quickly and I wrecked him easy because Im so PRO

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  2. 8 o 9 times (THAT WAS ME) He always kills me with the hammer xd

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  3. What is a Slime?

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  1. Antikdunkelheit

    Antikdunkelheit Green Slime

    Hi im a new player from Spain, I played this game like 6 hours and I think this game is awesome, I have been looking for a 2D MMO like this many times. The skill customization is so nice, you can be WHATEVER you want, the graphics are beautiful and the music too, maybe the only thing the I dislike is... the font of dialogues, yes I think another font will fit more with this game, for example - http://www.fonts.com/font/linotype/lomo

    Also, Im looking for play Co-op with someone of you if it is possible :)
  2. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

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