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    Hey there everyone!
    My name is Bas, or JuiceGrape as I am known on the "internets".
    I am 18 years old and live in The Netherlands.
    I found SoG little over a year ago, and have been following it ever since. I immediately signed up in the beta thread, but I have not gotten into the beta so far, though I would love to.
    My hobbies include gaming, programming, tinkering with all sorts of electronical devices, and boardgames. Basically I'm your everyday nerd.
    I also make minecraft mods, but I won't bore you guys with that.
    My avatar was made by the lovely Jesse of Completely Serious Comics as a comission. I basically said to asked him: My username is JuiceGrape, could you just draw whatever comes to mind when you hear my username, et voila, here it is.
    I'll be lurking around here from time to time and I will gladly get into early access if that wasn't an april fools joke.
    See you all on the forums!

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