How do you spent your time waiting for Secrets of Grindea?


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Personally, I'm playing Borderlands 2 with some friends and reading mangas most of my time and of course go to work ^^ (yeah I know, good girl and so ;) )

I really enjoy playing with friends .... so, some nice ideas going on here?

Waiting sucks and I'm running low on mangas I have left to read.


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Hey there,
i have Borderlands 2 but with a new Computer not my old Savegames. If u looking for someone for Borderlands 2 to begin with or later for SoG u can Contact me. I have many other Games too. Maybe we find something to do ! :p


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I've been trying out Pixel Piracy, playing some Don't Starve, CS:GO and Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. But this only happens when I'm obviously not breaking the game called Secrets of Grindea. :p


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I've played 300+ on Borderlands 2 and am now playing Diablo 3 and SoG while waiting for new chapters of HxH


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Yes of course Hunter x Hunter! I'm reading it since it got released here in germany, so like 12 Years.
Someone made this nice ^^ hiatus counter for HxH

it wouldn't help you getting more time then me, but i'd play Borderlands with you^^

mr. nails

I go back to WoW every 6-9 months. I go back to Rift, Diablo 3, and possibly SWTOR as well every now and then too.

Path of Exile is a great alternative too and it's FREE!

Currently playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as Jack. Yep, I've completed BL1 & BL2 also.

If none of those tickle my fancy I'll tackle the over 700+ game backlog I have or watch movies and/or cartoons.

Significant other(s) are another topic. :)