How is arcade mode gold income calculated?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by taltamir, May 30, 2018.

  1. taltamir

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    I noticed I have been getting very little gold for a lot of grinding during arcade mode. I was wondering how it was calculated?

    Could it be related to the amount of gold left over during the run? which would mean frivolous spending like spending 10,000 gold on the nurse is not worthwhile if I am trying to grind gold. Do the items gathered get auto sold for gold or should I manually sell them? is it based on score (in that case I should use some curses to give me a score multiplier)
  2. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    It's based on your time spent fighting in rooms, unless you have the bank, at which point you also get a percentage of your gold on your player.
  3. taltamir

    taltamir Rabby

    For time spent, I am assuming that the less time the more gold?

    I do have the bank, for the bank bonus should I sell stuff to get more gold, or is the value of my items calculated even without selling them?
  4. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    I dunno if the bank counts total gold gained in a run or only gold on the person.

    As for time spent, it's meant to be consistent gold gained no matter what skill level you are, so the longer you stay in a room, the more gold you get. However, you don't get it any faster or slower depending on how long you spend, except I believe you stop getting it when you hit a C rank time, and you get an extra 5 seconds leeway to account for moving between rooms.
  5. taltamir

    taltamir Rabby

    I meant items gained, do the items gained get converted to gold or do I have to manually sell them at the shop

    So I should be aiming to get lower scores instead of higher scores?
  6. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    I still don't know about the items. As for scores, the way the system is designed is to make sure it doesn't matter what time score you get, unless you're actively going out of your way to be slow (or trying to AFK farm). Just play :D A slower person will get more gold in a run, but they'll take more time getting that gold. If anything, go fast to try and make the most of that 5 seconds extra leeway.

    If you really want gold though, and are up to the challenge, the guys on the forums recommend trying the all elites bishop nightmare, and on top of that take both a +gold and a +loot potion in. The already increased loot drop rates combined with that potion will net you a decent income.
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  7. taltamir

    taltamir Rabby

    What I really want to know, still, is if I should manually sell all my unused items at the shop before the run ends or not. I can see it going either way. Either they are auto sold when calculating the amount of gold I had and thus % kept, so there is no point in wasting my time like that. Or they are not autosold and I am missing out on money for a run by not doing it.
  8. Chaldo

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    The game doesn't automatically sell your items after a run ends. If you want to make money fast, I suggest playing an all elites run with some people through the discord because it's easy to find co-op there. As an example, our all elites run yesterday, which lasted to Tai Ming, made me around 180k gold without selling any of my equipped items.
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