How to decorate house in arcade ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ReamOfWool, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. ReamOfWool

    ReamOfWool Green Slime

    As titled, I can;t figure out how to decorate my own house in arcade mode.

    Pressing Z on owned furniture does nothing.
  2. oran

    oran Green Slime

    Hey, i just checked and there seems to be no problem choosing objects...
    Maybe you havent used the choosing tool, and used the wrong tool?
    If its a carpet then theres a special tool for that too...
    hopefully it will work out for you
  3. FlipFTW

    FlipFTW Green Slime

    I think the missing information here might be what's easy to take for granted after knowing it.

    Are you pressing tab after entering the room to open up the menu to place furniture?
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  4. ReamOfWool

    ReamOfWool Green Slime

    Ah thanks !!! I didn't realise tab is used to open the furniture option. I was going to my inventory and pressing Z on my owned furniture..

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