Is this Youtube Comment Deserved?


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So, a while ago I posted a video version for Ariadne's old AFK guide. It has gotten around 1700 views which makes me endlessly happy, being kind of a failed start up youtuber.

Long story short, I recently got a comment saying

"I couldn't take you seriously when you play using a keyboard, maxed all the wrong skills, and have only two skills on hotkey."

I, convinced that I am correct responded with: "Ding dong, it seems you missed the point. Please try again."

He replied, "I want u to take that shitty build outside the collectors building at Tai Ming, and see how fast you last with your little "AFK Grinding"

So, is my video outdated/wrong or is this dude trolling/missing the point?

Video in question:


It should be painfully apparent to anyone that the build in question is used for AFK grinding on the lowest possible level enemies to ensure little risk of death and maximize kills.

It obviously isn't meant to be used to AFK grind off Tai Ming enemies or even fight them for that matter, that's not to say you couldn't try, but it would be wholly ineffective and a waste of time. Especially if you're a high enough level that even those enemies give 1 EXP.

Ignore that guy, he doesn't know what he's talking about.


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I, convinced that I am correct responded with:
:/ you forgot that you're on Youtube.
Under every budget pc build video there is someone saying you aren't a real gamer if you don't have a 1000€ graphics cards.

Like Elswor said/wrote, just ignore that guy.

"I couldn't take you seriously when you play using a keyboard" <-- I bet about 50% of the users here play with keyboard.


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Thanks for the answers! Feeling better about the video now. My concern was that it was outdated and the build was outclassed by something, AFK wise. (IDK what, I haven't been on for a while).