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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kyro, May 5, 2014.

  1. Kyro

    Kyro Green Slime

    Hey there,
    My Nickname is Kyro but I'm also known as Basti to most of my friends.
    Born and raised in Germany - Bavaria since 1993 (20 ~ turning 21 this year °A°)
    I'm the casual gaming dude you can find all around the internet. (not the trolling typ tho)
    I'm playing a lot of different games which reaches from League of Legends (Gold 3 Feeder @ EUW) or Osu! (playing for 3 years now) and also like to test new games here and there

    I recently discovered SoG through Youtube but I sadly forgot who it was. ;_;

    I'm the Leader of a Multi-Gaming-Clan which jyntax is part of too!
    There are currently around 5 people in my Clan who came to SoG because of me, is pretty fun playing with my folks.

    All in all I'm pretty normal but I can get crazy to entertain my Clanmates or people who watch my Stream!

    I'm also free for questions if interested I don't really mind telling more about myself.

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  2. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    Osu!!!! Damn that game is both hard and fun. If you haven't already you should post your stream in the stream section here on the forum so I can watch you sometime. Welcome to the forum. :p
  3. Kyro

    Kyro Green Slime

    Will do! :p
  4. Zydrune

    Zydrune Giga Slime

    We're already friends, but I thought I'd welcome you to the forums anyway. ;u;
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  5. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    Haven't played Osu! in awhile. What I need to get back into is DJ Max
  6. donleong94

    donleong94 Green Slime

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum :D

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