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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Zenene, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Zenene

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    I can head off those last two right off the bat. Take some time- it depends on you, really; for mine I usually have to sit for at least a good half hour or so before I know for sure- and really, really think about the story. Think about what you're trying to convey with it. What is this story? Who's story is it? Usually once you know, perspective falls into place pretty easily. Usually it's the perspective of whomever the story is about, and generally in first (I, me, mine, etc.) but more uncommonly third (His/hers, he/she, him, etc.) person. Dealer's choice on that.

    For the timeline of a story... For starting it, I'd really say just don't worry about timeline. Write it all out however you think you want. You can always rearrange the bits and pieces after the fact and make it how you want, y'know? Right now just focus on getting it written, rather than which part to start with. Unless you literally meant the time period, in which case... I have no idea, I'd need to know more about your ideas on that one so I suppose we'll start with that and work our way to the big one. :D
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    I kind of want to keep a first person perspective but who that person is, that's dependant on the chapter.

    as for the werewolf thing its mostly about the era like as in prehistory, antiquity or medieval era...
  3. Zenene

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    That, I can't really help you with. That's entirely your choice as author.
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    I started a conversation with you for the story comet fall.

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